Abortion Survivors Speak Out

April 30, 2012

Abortion Survivors Speak Out

Ana Rosa Rodriguez

Ana Rosa Rodriguez

Did you know that approximately 500 babies each year actually survive a late-term abortion? Those statistics come from the Centers for Disease Control, and using simple math, that would mean that about 19,000 children have been spared that tortuous death since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal. The photo is Ana Rosa Rodriguez whose right arm was wrenched off at the shoulder during the abortion attempt performed under filthy and unsanitary conditions. Several abortion survivors have made their miraculous survivals public and speak often for pro-life events, rightfully claiming that the people who really know about the “choice” that is abortion are its survivors.

Recently in Missouri, in a very heartwarming reunion according to LifeNews.com, a saline abortion survivor met a nurse who had rocked her 34 years earlier as she recovered from that attempted murder. Read the full story here.

October Baby, the moving story of such an abortion survivor, is in release nationwide, and speaks to both the emotional and physical pain experienced by an abortion survivor. To find a theater near you, click here.

Planned Parenthood “Mischief of the Week”Girl Scouts

Again partnering with the Girl Scouts, Planned Parenthood is promoting anything but traditional values to young girls, proving once again that it’s not your grandmother’s Girl Scouts any longer!

“Healthy, Happy and Hot” sex manual for girls as young as ten was promoted in a “no adults allowed” workshop sponsored by the Girl ScouPlanned Parenthood is Unsafe for Women and Girlsts and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. The manual was produced for young people (ages 10 – 24) who have HIV and encourages them to continue to engage in sexual activity, even noting that when or if to disclose their infection to a partner is totally up to them. Calling sex a “social activity” often combined with getting drunk or using drugs, the manual contains very graphic information and encourages promiscuity. To read some of this publication’s advice, click here. Please be warned that some of its sections are extremely graphic and may offend some readers.


And About Those Girl Scout Cookies . . .

Girl Scout CookiesMany Americans who purchase Girl Scout cookies are not aware of the organization’s sharp left turn, as detailed in this article from the Family Research Council, which notes that “The Girl Scouts have been ‘pro-choice’ for years, but now they’ve been caught supporting promiscuous sex for girls.” Accepting cross-dressing boys, promoting promiscuity for girls and forbidding an employee to wear a pro-life tee shirt are among the Girl Scouts’ tactics that need to be considered before purchasing those goodies (which fund the national organization) from cute little Brownies. Pro-life moms should think twice before allowing their daughters to be indoctrinated by this pro-choice feminist culture.

But on the Other Hand . . .

Sometimes even a young girl can take a stand, as demonstrated by ten-year-old Grace Swanke, a pro-life home-schooled former Girl Scout. When she found out about the Girl Scouts’ connection with the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in her hometown, she just couldn’t sell those cookies any more. But she went a step further, baking and offering cookies for sale to benefit the pro-life clinic. To read more about this amazing young lady, click here. Grace is to be commended for her leadership and for having the courage of her convictions.

Pro-Choice AdvocatesAdoption “Bad” for Babies???

While most Americans agree that adoption is the loving option to abortion, there is one woman whose startling view is that adoption is not a good thing — either for the baby or for the birth mother. LifeNews.com gives the head-scratching details here.


National Convention Delegates Very Important

conventionAlthough the Republican Presidential nomination may well be decided prior to the National Convention in Tampa, it is still very important that pro-life, pro-family delegates to that convention be elected throughout the country as we must protect the platform planks that pertain to Life as well as Marriage and the Family. May primaries are coming up in Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, West Virginia and Washington. Some of these states elect their national delegates on the Primary ballot; others at a state convention. To see how your state handles selection of its national delegates, visit the RNC for Life website here.

If you are selected as a National Delegate, please let us know by emailing [email protected] so that we may coordinate with you at the convention. If you know someone seeking to be a National Delegate, please print this pledge and ask them to sign and return it to us. Thanks!