Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Celebrate Mother’s Day Every Day

May 8, 2012

Mother's DayPro-Life Pregnancy Centers Celebrate
Mother’s Day Every Day

With Mother’s Day approaching on Sunday, all of us plan to honor our own moms, either in our hearts and memories or with the traditional family celebration.

But let’s also honor those whose efforts enable some mothers to actually become a mother. As they work daily with women who are contemplating the murder of their pre-born children, the pro-life pregnancy centers who offer mothers counseling and help and provide their babies a chance for life are real heroes that we should remember Sunday on Mothers’ Day. Without them, hundreds of thousands of babies would have been sacrificed on the altar of abortion.
Pregnancy ResourceJoin with the Family Research Council as it honors these front-line soldiers in the war for the sanctity of life in a special educational webcast Wednesday May 9 at noon (EST). Click here to register and get full details. The webcast will feature interviews with PRC clients, legal experts, directors and others. If you’re unable to watch live, an archived version will be available here following the event.

ChinaPepsiCo Drops Fetal Cell Flavoring;
But Chinese and South Korean
Cannibalism Continues

Thanks to the outrage of millions of Americans, PepsiCo, the world’s second-largest beverage company, apparently plans to change its contract with biotech firm Senomyx Inc., which uses cells from a baby killed in an abortion to conduct flavor testing. Read more information here.

But shocking news from China just this week reveals that Chinese hospitals and abortion clinics are notifying pharmaceutical companies when a baby dies. The companies purchase the bodies of the deceased children and then process them into “health pills.” The pills, which are touted to improve “stamina,” were DNA tested and found to be 99.7% human. Read the full story from LifeNews here.

Another gruesome example of fetal cannibalism comes from South Korea where officials have seized thousands of Chinese-made pills featuring the powdered flesh of babies left to die and aborted fetuses. The pills are thought to be a medical “cure all.” Read more here.

What Has Happened to “Catholic” Georgetown University?

Georgetown UniversityFounded by the Jesuits, Georgetown University has come under fire from some Catholics over what are considered deviations from Church doctrine. For instance, Georgetown President DeGioia attended a recent special graduation for homosexuals.

Now, the Cardinal Newman Society reports, “In what can only be interpreted as a direct challenge to America’s Catholic bishops, Georgetown University has announced that ‘pro-choice’ Catholic Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and lead architect of the Obama administration’s assault on religious freedom through the HHS contraception mandate, has been invited to speak at one of Georgetown’s several commencement ceremonies.”

Georgetown isn’t the only Catholic university deviating from the Church’s positions in the choice of graduation speakers. In a recent report, the Society details similar inappropriate commencement speakers from both a pro-abortion and homosexuality focus.

Catholic donors to these schools may wish to re-think their contributions.

Expose Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood Mischief of the Week

Washington state college students are getting high-tech condoms in a social media experiment by Planned Parenthood. In a bizarre promotion of “safe sex” bragging social media posts, students received specially packaged condoms, which included a special QR code. The codes can be scanned by smart phones, allowing the participants to “check-in” their sex activities on the website, The various locations of the “safe” sexual activity are then posted on an area map. To read the local news coverage of this over-the-top PP project, click here.