Pro-life Supporters’ Majority Grows

May 27, 2012

Pro-life Supporters’ Majority Grows

Reverse Roe vs. WadeA recent Gallup poll confirms the shift in public sentiment that the pro-life movement has felt the last few years. Fully half of those surveyed now are pro-life, while those who are pro-abortion have dropped to a record low of just 41%. We are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the American public! Read the full story here.



Another Adult Stem Cell Medical Breakthrough

In an amazing medical breakthrough, Israeli scientists in Haifa have taken skin cells from patients with heart failure and transformed them into healthy, beating heart tissue.

This is the first time that such techniques have been used to develop patients’ own skin cells into heart muscle cells, known as cardiomyocytes. Though scientists caution that clinical trials are probably at least a decade away, this advance in treating heart failure is most encouraging — and again, it’s NOT using embryonic stem cells. Read this incredible medical story here: Breakthrough: Skin Cells Used to Build Heart Muscle


Celebrating a True Memorial Day

cemetaryAs we approach the Memorial Day holiday, let’s remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us by giving their lives for our country. Please take a look at this stirring video which helps to bring home this sacrifice. And thank a veteran for his or her service. They are blessed to be at home rather than in Arlington.



May is “M” Month for Planned Parenthood

Expose Planned ParenthoodTo most of us, May means Mother’s Day. But to the sometimes twisted minds at Planned Parenthood, the month of May is Masturbation month. And they are even tweeting that announcement to our kids!

Is there no limit to what this tax-funded organization will do to ensnare our children into early and frequent sexual activity? They know that such behavior will result in many unplanned pregnancies, and guess who’s willing and ready to perform those abortions? Why, the PP affiliates who provide surgical and chemical solutions to that “problem pregnancy,” of course. For how long will the American government (as well as many state governments) continue to fund this immorality? See their material here.