Good News, Bad News From Across the Country

June 22, 2012

Good News - Bad NewsGood News, Bad News From Across the Country

MichiganMichigan is considering passing what is called the largest collection of pro-life legislation ever to be considered at one time. The legislation will protect women with stricter standards for health, insurance and licensing requirements, but pro-aborts claim that the result would be closing some abortuaries and elevating fees in others.

Other portions of the legislation would ban abortions after 20 weeks (except to save the pregnant woman’s life) and would also prohibit dispensing the RU-486 abortion pill through webcam consultations, known as telemed abortions. Additionally, it would become a crime to coerce a woman into having an abortion, and guidelines would be established for the disposition of fetal remains. Read more details here.

New HampshireBut on our eastern shore, New Hampshire’s Democrat governor John Lynch has vetoed a bill which would outlaw partial-birth abortions. This is the same type of legislation that President Obama refused to support when he was an Illinois state senator. The NH legislature passed the bill with enough votes to override a veto, though the margin in the state House was very slim. An override will be considered when the NH legislature re-convenes on June 27th. Read more here.

$$-PPFurther down the east coast, the nation’s mayors were meeting in Florida, allegedly to discuss issues affecting their cities. However, prodded by liberal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the mayors passed a resolution favoring continued tax funding of the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood. “New York City is committed to supporting a woman’s right to choose and ensuring that all New Yorkers have the information, and access to care, they need to make safe and healthy decisions,” Bloomberg declared. Others who helped introduce the resolution included Mayors Sam Adams of Portland, Oregon, Ed Lee of San Francisco, Mike McGinn of Seattle, Pedro E. Segarra of Hartford and Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, who also is chairman of the 2012 Democrat National Convention. More details here.

In other GOOD NEWS, pro-aborts are angry that the recent Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development has excluded any mention of abortion, either explicitly or in coded language (“population dynamics”), in the conference’s outcome document. Many of the environmentalists who attend and try to direct these conferences view abortion (“reproductiveUN Conference” rights) as vital in “population dynamics” (read: population control) which they claim is necessary to “preserve the natural environment.” Among those NGOs (non-government organizations) helping to make sure that pro-abortion language did not appear in the final document was the UK’s Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, which trail-blazed the international pro-life effort at these kinds of gatherings when it participated in the 1994 meeting on population and development in Cairo. Other pro-life advocates included the UN delegation of the Holy See, the Russian Federation and a group of nations known as the G77 that promote the interests of the nations of the developing world against exploitation.

Powerful groups lobbying for “population dynamics” actions in the document’s language on sexual and reproductive health included the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), Catholics for Choice and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. The UNFPA is supported with U.S. tax dollars, along with funds from Norway, Iceland, Canada, Switzerland, the EU and Australia. With the exclusion of the pro-abortion language, developing nations who seek aid from the UNFPA should no longer have to include abortion-related items in order to get other things, such as water supplies, funded. According to a recent article in, this abortion language exclusion will mean that no longer must a regional health clinic run by a UN-affiliated group asking for grant money request it for abortion equipment, when in fact the local people need clean drinking water. The new document gives the minister and grant-dispensing benefactors a reason to say, “Abortion no, water yes. And so when the local women come to regional health clinics, hopefully they will get desalination tablets instead of RU486.” Read full details here.


Expose Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood Mischief of the Week

To quote President Ronald Reagan, “There you go again!” This time we are addressing Planned Parenthood and its willingness to be complicit and compliant in arranging for sex-selection abortions. The courageous young women of have once again documented on video that Planned Parenthood is willing to guide their clients to have abortions if their unborn child isn’t the desired gender. Most recently, it’s North Carolina PP facilities who are taped encouraging a pregnant woman even to have multiple abortions if needed to achieve her male offspring. See the latest revealing video about PP’s reprehensible conduct encouraging sex-selection abortions here.

If you would like to read more about the barbarous practice of killing preborn infants simply because of their gender, subscribe here to the RNC for Life REPORT. Our upcoming issue will feature more information on this topic and its recent spread here in America.

Republican National ConventionWho are YOUR State’s Delegates
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As the August 27-30 Republican National Convention in Tampa approaches, it is very important that the pro-life, pro-family planks in the national platform be protected from possible dilution. To insure that the platform remains strong in these areas, RNC for Life needs to know who the Platform delegates are from each state. Can you find out who your state has selected to be on the National Platform Committee and if those individuals (one man and one woman from each state) are pro-life, pro-family in their beliefs? Please email [email protected] with any information that you can share with us. Thanks!

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