Follow Moms Who Choose Adoption for Their Babies

July 20, 2012

Follow Moms Who Choose Adoption for Their Babies

adoptionPro-lifers know that placing a child for adoption is the true loving choice as opposed to snuffing out the pre-born baby’s life through abortion. But that decision is not an easy one.

Beginning next Monday, the Oxygen cable channel will launch a new six-episode docu-series, “I’m Having Their Baby.” These episodes document the journeys of the various women who are dealing with unplanned/unwanted pregnancies. But each of them has chosen life for their baby by choosing adoption rather than abortion.

Each hour-long show features two pregnant women who have chosen adoption, and the often heart-wrenching decision that each makes in wanting a more secure future for her child as well as a better life for herself. The series deals with various situations in which a woman feels she cannot parent her unborn child. According to preview reviews, the overall message is that no matter the circumstances of a pregnancy, adoption rather than abortion is the loving choice — both for the child and for the very grateful adoptive family. It also dispels some of the myths surrounding the adoption process, which has changed greatly over the years. Now open adoptions where the birth mother can help choose the new parents as well as being involved in the child’s life have become very common.

Since it’s a rare choice taken by women in unplanned pregnancies (in large part due to the deliberate lack of information on adoption given by abortion providers), this docu-series performs a great public service in showing that adoption is a viable option that can benefit the birth mother, the unplanned baby and the adoptive parents. Win – win – win situation!

stem cellAdult Stem Cell Research
Online Video Campaign Wins Award

Our friends at Family Research Council are rightfully proud of their new campaign: Adult Stem Cells Saved My Life. This award-winning series of online videos has won a Telly Award, which “honors the very best film & video productions, groundbreaking online video content, and outstanding local, regional, & cable TV commercials and programs.” The videos are an online goldmine of information, patient interviews, medical and scientific facts, along with news on adult stem cell research breakthroughs. You will see amazing stories and interviews with actual patients whose adult stem cell treatments have conquered multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and sickle cell anemia, among other diseases. The brainchild of FRC’s Dr. David Prentice, the campaign will help bring even greater awareness of the amazing medical successes resulting from adult stem cell research, an ethical form of treatment which does not kill human embryos.

Expose Planned ParenthoodPP “Mischief of the Week”
Planned Parenthood May Have
Received $27 Million+ Through Fraud

With Planned Parenthood receiving nearly $1 million each day in tax funds, it’s particularly upsetting to learn that some of those monies were obtained fraudulently. Recently unsealed court records in Iowa contain charges from a former PP clinic manager claiming that nearly $28 million was falsely and fraudulently claimed by two Iowa PP locations.

Earlier this month, the Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly the Alliance Defense Fund) announced a lawsuit alleging fraud by two Iowa Planned Parenthood clinics. The former manager of Planned Parenthood’s Storm Lake and LeMars clinics alleges in the suit that Planned Parenthood knowingly committed Medicaid fraud from 2002 to 2009 by improperly seeking reimbursements for nearly half a million false claims for products and services not legally reimbursable. If successful, this lawsuit could result in damages payable to Iowa and the U.S. government totaling $5.5 billion, according to ADF.

One type of fraud that PP used is known as the “C-Mail” program where a year’s supply of birth control pills were mailed to women who had been seen only once and who had not requested them. Those unrequested pills cost $2.98, but Medicaid paid $26.32, making PP an unbelievable $23.34 on each year’s supply — approximately 800% profit! If the pills were returned as unordered, PP would resell them, reaping even more unholy profit!

Alliance Defending Freedom also is representing Abby Johnson in a similar claim that was unsealed in Texas last March.

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