December 2010

12/27/10 E-Notes

12/21/10 E-Notes

November 2010

11/29/10 E-Notes

11/22/10 E-Notes

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11/05/10 E-Notes

October 2010

10/26/10 E-Notes

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10/07/10 E-Notes

September 2010

9/28/10 E-Notes

  • Pledge To America Pro-Life Language Needs Cosponsors
  • 35 Days Till “Take Out the Trash Day!”
  • National Life Chains Will Be Forming Next Sunday

9/23/10 E-Notes

  • We did it! GOP Filibuster Succeeds!
  • Pledge to America Unveiled Today
  • Meet Some RNC-Life Candidates
  • Help Us Help These Good Pro-Life Candidates!

9/17/10 E-Notes


9/15/10 E-Notes

  • Special Alert Regarding NRSC and Christine O’Donnell

9/14/10 E-Notes

  • Will the New “Contract with America” be Pro-life?
  • Can They or Can’t They? New Court Ruling Lifts Embryonic Stem Cell Ban
  • Polls Show Some Pro-Life Candidates In Lead
  • RNC for Life

9/07/10 E-Notes

  • Outspent But Not Outvoted In Alaska
  • Crist Continues To Show His True Colors
  • Fall Pro-Life Activities: Life Chain & 40 Days For Life

August 2010

8/30/10 E-Notes

  • Federal Judge Stops Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding
  • Several Other August Pro-Life Victories
  • FL, MI, MN, WA Pro-Life House Candidates Score Victories
  • Pro-Life Republicans Also Surge In Key Senate Races
  • Texas Capital City Attacks Pregnancy Resource Centers

8/23/10 E-Notes

  • Judge Rules in Favor of Girl in Pro-Life Shirt Case
  • Last Primaries of August on Tuesday and Saturday
  • Adult Stem Cells Heal Nearly 100 Blind Patients
  • You Are Invited to a Citizen Leadership Conference

8/17/10 E-Notes

  • Pro-Abortion Democrats On Defensive In Pennsylvania
  • Our Tax Dollars Helped Kenyans Vote To Legalize Abortion
  • Washington, Wyoming Primaries Tuesday
  • Michigan’s Dr. Benishek Wins Without Recount!
  • Other August Primaries On The 24th And 28th
  • Did you know . . .

8/09/10 E-Notes

  • More Important Primaries on Aug. 10 and 17 as GOP Seeks to Gain 40+ U.S. House Seats
  • 139 Republicans Co-Sponsor Bill to Codify Pro-Life Policies
  • Does Your State All Ready Have “Death Panels”?
  • Five Republicans Break Ranks, Help Confirm Radical Nominee Kagan

8/02/10 E-Notes

  • Four Primaries To Be Held This Week, More Next Week
  • GOP Turncoats On Kagan Nomination Rise To Four
  • Polls for U.S. Senate Races Show Several Surprises

July 2010

7/26/10 E-Notes

  • Six Stalwart Republicans On Judiciary Committee Vote No On Kagan; One Deserts GOP Principles
  • Cong. Smith hopes to Codify Piecemeal Pro-life Legislation
  • Your Tax Dollars Promoting Abortion in Kenya’s August 4 Election

7/22/10 E-Notes

  • GOP Sen. Graham: Kagan Will Serve Nation Honorably His Vote Will Shut Down a Republican Filibuster
  • Pro-Aborts Want to Censor Internet Directories
  • Awesome Video of Pre-born Baby from a Surprising Source
  • Get Our Pro-Life Quarterly Newsletter

7/14/10 E-Notes

  • “Remote Access” Abortions Coming to Iowa???
  • Lou Holtz Doesn’t Understand
  • Pro-Life is the “New Normal”
  • Will YOU Help Us Translate This Trend into Pro-Life Legislation?

7/07/10 E-Notes

  • Independent Voters Prefer Republicans to Democrats in Congressional Races
  • MN Abortion Rate Declines for Third Straight Year
  • Kagan Lied — Babies Died

June 2010

6/30/10 E-Notes

  • Planned Parenthood Can’t Find the Money?
  • Character Counts with Miss Oklahoma
  • Pro-Life War Hero Upsets “Moderate” GOP Lobbyist

6/25/10 E-Notes

  • Note Our “Notes” New Name
  • Let’s micro-target some congressional races!
  • And let’s also target those who are anti-life!
  • Kagan’s Pro-Abortion, Liberal Beliefs Continue To Unfold

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