Welcome to the new Catholic leader, a staunchly pro-life Pope

March 21, 2013


Welcome to the new Catholic leader, a staunchly pro-life Pope

PopeLeftist-leaning, pro-choice Catholics must be discouraged by the election last week of Cardinal Bergoglio from Argentina to become Pope Francis as the new pontiff is reported to be a pro-life champion, encouraging both clergy and laity to oppose abortion and euthanasia. He also has taken a very clear and adamant stance against such Catholics receiving Communion, particularly “legislators, governors and health professionals.”

One must wonder then, about some of the USA’s delegation to his inaugural Mass on Tuesday, March 19: Vice President Joe Biden and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, both of whom profess to be Catholic but openly advocate for abortion on demand. Last we heard, they are still participating in the sacrament of Holy Communion. Can you say Biden, Pelosi, Sebelius, Cuomo?

President Obama chose Biden to lead the delegation, which, in addition to Pelosi, also included New Mexico Republican Gov. Susana Martinez and Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia. Apparently House Majority Leader John Boehner, also a Catholic, turned down Obama’s invitation to join that delegation in order to concentrate on his work in D.C., and appointed a delegation from the House led by staunch pro-lifer New Jersey Republican Chris Smith. It also included Connecticut Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy, California Democratic Rep., Anna Eshoo, Nebraska Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, Texas Democratic Rep. Ruben Hinojosa, Rhode Island Democratic Rep. Jim Langevin, Illinois Democratic Rep. Daniel Lipinski, and California Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez. The House Chaplain Fr. Patrick Conroy, S.J. also joined the House group. Read more here.

GOP-Controlled States Passing Several Pro-Life Measures

As shown in our last RNC for Life REPORT*, the battle for pro-life legislation must be fought in the states until we can re-take the U.S. Senate. And the states are brilliantly undertaking this responsibility, particularly in those controlled predominantly or totally by Republicans. Here are a few of the latest life-affirming victories:

Arkansas Twice Overrides Veto to Pass Bills

ArkansasArkansas’ Democrat Governor just had a bad couple of days. First the Republican-controlled legislature passed a bill outlawing abortion after 20 weeks because of fetal pain. He vetoed the bill and the legislature overrode his veto. Then it handed him a 12-week abortion ban which required an abortionist to attempt to detect the pre-born baby’s heartbeat at 12 weeks gestation and later; if detected, that heartbeat would make the abortion illegal. The bill included jail time for doctors who violate it though not for the women seeking the abortion. The Democrat Governor vetoed that one as well. Just a few hours later, both houses of the Arkansas legislature overrode that second veto. Thanks to the courageous pro-life legislators in the Natural State! More details here.

ND has funds to defend its new pro-life laws

North DakotaAs states pass strong pro-life legislation it is almost always challenged in court by the pro-aborts and, of course, that defense requires a courageous Attorney General and the funding to pursue multiple court appearances.  While some states cave on the issue of funding those defensive moves, oil-rich North Dakota is in a better position than most states for what could be a long and costly court battle over its restrictions. But Rep. Bette Grande, a Republican from Fargo who introduced the measures, said the budget surplus wasn’t the most important thing for her. “I don’t look at it from the financial side of things,” Grande told The Associated Press on Friday. “I look at it from the life side of things.”

“Peace Garden” state lawmakers have sent Republican Gov.Jack Dalrymple two pro-life bills, one banning abortions when a heartbeat is detected (usually about 6 weeks) and another prohibiting women from aborting the pre-born baby because he or she has a genetic defect, such as Down syndrome. They would be the most restrictive abortion laws in the U.S, according to the ACLU. The Governor is expected to sign the bills, but even if he vetoes them, there are enough votes in both chambers to override a veto.

Pro-aborts have, of course, promised a legal battle when the laws are final. However, the bill’s supporters don’t mind that, saying that their goal is eventually to challenge the Supreme Court ruling 40 years ago which legalized abortion throughout the country. Read more here.

PP Drops Challenge to Longest Waiting Period

South DakotaHaving been the first state to mandate a 72-hour wait prior to an abortion, the Mount Rushmore states law will take effect soon, now that Planned Parenthood has dropped its legal challenge.

In fact, the measure was recently strengthened by new legislation excluding weekends and holidays thus extending the waiting period to as long as six days. PP has admitted that, by dropping its lawsuit, the law can be enforced within the next few weeks.

Thanks to this very courageous legislature and Gov. Dennis Daugaard for giving the country its most effective abortion waiting period which will save many babies.

Four Wisconsin PP Facilities Closed

WisconsinThe Badger State is among those states which have successfully defunded Planned Parenthood from state tax dollars, either in part or in whole. Wisconsin abortionists are feeling the pinch, as PP has closed four abortion mills, citing the slashed funding as the reason.

While the four facilities were not surgical centers but rather dispensed the “morning after pill,” they did refer women to the PP surgical abortuaries. Additionally, Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation last year outlawing “telemed” abortions. In 2011, the state had slashed $1 million in PP funding under Gov. Walker’s cost-cutting measures, which led to a recall election that the popular governor won by a larger margin than his initial election. Wisconsin also denied PP a $130,000 contract later in the year and is looking for ways to divert state funds from the abortion giant. Gov. Walker and the Republican legislators are conservative heroes for their budget balancing and life affirming legislation.

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