Christmas Party in an Abortuary

December 19, 2012

Christmas Party in an Abortuary?!


Most of us attend a Christmas party or two during the holiday season, but it’s unlikely that any pro-lifers celebrate the season in such a macabre place as an abortuary!  However, the Democrat Women from the Houston area celebrated last week in one of the country’s largest abortion facilities. The invitation shows the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast address but shares the same building with its abortion-provider, Planned Parenthood Center for Choice. The party was hosted by a Democrat State Representative, Jessica Farrar, who will undoubtedly be voting against the continued defunding of Planned Parenthood with Texas tax money when the legislation comes up in the 2013 session.

ChristThe REAL Meaning of Christmas  

To see a meaningful “surprise serenade” reflective of the true meaning of Christmas, please watch this short video.  You will get the real Christmas spirit from viewing it!

NC Federal Judge “Scrooges” Choose Life License Plates

NC-Choose-LifeRecently, a federal district court in North Carolina has ruled that the Tar Heel state cannot offer the plates, whose sales help fund non-profit pregnancy centers. In passing the legislation last year, the legislature rejected amendments creating a pro-choice alternative license plate.  The judge ruled that not offering such a plate amounted to “viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment.” However, similar Choose Life plates are available in 29 states, and the bill’s author, Republican State Representative Mitch Gillespie, plans to push for an appeal of the judge’s decision.

NY-Choose-LifeMeanwhile, a similar case was heard last week in New York, where an eight-year battle to keep the Choose Life license plates from being sold should be settled soon. Every appeal has been won by the foundation promoting the plates, which the state continues to lose in court. To read more, go here.

States Hold Key to Strong Pro-Life Legislation

If you would like to learn about other pro-life legislation which states can pass, and which states are most likely to do so, please request a FREE copy of the most recent RNC for Life REPORT. It contains articles both about good legislation to pass and also the need to aggressively defend them in court once they become law.

Roe v. Wade — 40th Anniversary

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