Convention Proves That GOP Treasures Life
September 5, 2012

Convention Proves That GOP Treasures Life

The Tampa Convention was a resounding success not only for the Republican Party but also for the pro-family pro-life movement. Here are some of the reasons why:


Dianne and Phyllis at Treasure Life event
The Tampa version of RNC for Life’s traditional pro-life celebration was a standing-room-only event which took place Tuesday just prior to the Convention’s delayed first session. Themed “Treasure Life,” our event honored four pro-life heroes: Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Rick Santorum, Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX) and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN). Several other Congressmen attended, including Dr. Michael Burgess (TX), Randy Forbes (VA), and Chris Smith (NJ). This year, RNC for Life partnered with Family Research Council Action and Florida Family Action to produce an outstanding event at the fabulous Florida Aquarium. We were thrilled with the large and enthusiastic attendance and we also got to celebrate Phyllis’ birthday a week late but with great zeal.


The 2012 platform as crafted by the Platform Committee was simply awesome. Several solid conservative platform Committee members worked in concert to produce a document that will really showcase the differences between the Democrat platform and our Republican one. Phyllis Schlafly, who was attending her 16th National Convention, is no slouch when it comes to analyzing platforms, and she reports that this one is probably the best platform ever for the GOP in her five decades as a conservative activist.  It’s built upon the three-legged stool that Ronald Reagan pioneered: social issues, fiscal issues and national sovereignty. Read Phyllis’ analysis here. And you can read the entire platform for yourself here.

It was very exciting to hear our nominee, Mitt Romney, promise to protect both the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage in his acceptance speech. What a stark contrast to President Obama who not only is the most pro-abortion president in our history but who also now espouses (pardon the pun!) homosexual marriage and refuses to defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), calling it unconstitutional! Listen to Gov. Romney’s speech in its entirety here.

There is no question that the Romney-Ryan ticket will be a huge improvement on the Obama-Biden administration. So we pro-life advocates must roll up our sleeves and get ready to work hard for America’s “Comeback Team” starting NOW. If your state is a safe red state (such as Texas), there soon will be information available on how to help in critical swing states, such as Ohio, Virginia, Florida, etc. Many of those swing states also have close and important U.S. Senate races. Remember, we need to take at least 4-6 U.S. Senate seats to obtain a pro-life majority in the Senate. So we can help elect both a pro-life president and a pro-life senator in some states! We will keep you posted as that information becomes available so that we can all do our part – and then some! – to take back our country.

The controversy over the proposed Rules changes actually was settled in a way that reflects a victory for grassroots and the right of states to select their national delegates as they choose. Yet there is so much misinformation going around the internet concerning those recently adopted rules. Originally, the rules changes as presented were undesirable and several states were prepared to present a Minority Report to keep two especially troublesome rules from being enacted. Thanks to many phone calls and emails from concerned grassroots Republicans like you, our concerns were addressed during the subsequent Rules Committee meeting which was held prior to the Rules actually being presented to the convention for approval. And in that committee meeting, we grassroots won a great victory! First, the onerous language which would have negated the way that states select their delegates and which would have given a presumptive nominee the ability to “disavow” a delegate(s) was REMOVED. Additionally, the rule which allowed the RNC to change rules between conventions was significantly modified so that any change would need to have 3/4 rather than only a 2/3 majority of the RNC members to pass any change.You can read a report on the rules changes with more details and somewhat different conclusions from the revered and long-time Virginia Platform delegate Morton Blackwell by clicking here. Morton’s advice to concentrate now on winning our November election is excellent and we urge all pro-life, constitutional conservatives to follow that advice! To read the entire new set of rules go here.

Now as to the manner in which the Rules (and other committee reports) were handled on the floor, it was heavy-handed and not a good way to handle approval of those reports. For one thing, there was no way to have an accurate voice vote as alternates and guests could (and did) yell either “Aye” or “Nay,” rather than just the delegates voting and being heard. Additionally, many – if not most – delegates likely were unaware that there would not be a minority report offered since the offending language had been removed or improved in the last Rules Committee meeting. This confusion certainly could have been better handled by the convention chairman and would have made the issue which so divided the convention much less of a problem.


And if there is one thing we need now, it’s unity to take Obama out of office NOT a continued discussion about the procedures which were flawed but which produced for the most part the desired results in the case of the rules. Let’s celebrate the most conservative platform ever for our party! Voters who care about issues rather than personalities will compare our constitutionally-based platform with the socialism-promoting platform of the Democrats, and will see a very clear difference in the two statements in all three of Reagan’s three-legged stool principles: social, fiscal and national security issues. So let’s get past the intra-party squabbles and get on with making Obama a one-term president!

Take Action!ACTION:   If you would like to help elect U.S. Senators who are constitutional pro-life conservatives, please consider donating to the RNC for Life PAC. We have identified several strong candidates for winnable U.S. Senate seats and we would like to make the maximum allowable contributions to them as soon as possible in this election cycle. Your donation can help make that possible. To contribute to our PAC, please click here.