There will be yet another debate Tuesday night

October 23, 2012

There will be yet another debate Tuesday night!

debateWatch the FINAL – and fourth – debate between pro-life Romney and pro-abortion/Planned Parenthood Obama on a virtual debate “In Their Own Words” Tuesday night via your computer.  This will be the first “Virtual Presidential Debate” in American history and the last Presidential debate before the November 6th election. This 1-hour exclusive TV program will be aired as a webcast at 9 p.m. Eastern time on, and will also be simulcast for viewing through ROKU Internet TV and smart phone hand held devices. Watch a program trailer at For more information, go here. This is the most crucial election in our lifetimes. Urge others to watch this debate “In Their Own Words.”

What is the 2nd most important election this cycle?

Todd AkinPhyllis Schlafly is convinced that the next most important race this November is the Missouri race for U.S. Senate in which her own Congressman, Todd  Akin, is taking on incumbent Claire McCaskill.  See why here.  This is a true pro-life versus pro-abortion matchup as Cong. Akin has a 98% pro-life voting record during his decade in the Congress and Sen. McCaskill has NEVER voted for a single pro-life bill! And then there’s that problem with the $40 million in government funding that McCaskill’s husband received – much of it with her vote as a sitting Senator! We’re “Akin for a change” and there are lots of reasons – about 40 million of them –  to say “No McCaskill” for Missouri!

The RNC for Life, Eagle Forum and the Faith Family Freedom Fund are organizing a “No McCaskill” bus tour in Missouri beginning on Sunday, Oct. 28 and running through Friday, Nov. 1 with stops at more than two dozen Missouri locations. Gov. Mike Huckabee and conservative commentator Star Parker plus leaders from RNC for Life, Eagle Forum and Faith Family Freedom are among those who will be speaking at rallies in these cities. To find out where we’ll be in your area, click here. The exact location within each city is still being determined so check back to the website frequently to see where we will be. And come help us cheer on Cong. Akin as we pledge “No McCaskill” for Missouri!  

For those who don’t live in or near Missouri, you can still help put true conservative Todd Akin into the U.S. Senate by making phone calls which will help identify his supporters and/or remind them to go vote. Email Eagle Forum’s National Political Director Sandy McDade with the subject line “Akin calls” and she will set you up to use Eagle Forum’s computerized phone system for these easy-to-do calls. Her email is [email protected] and she will show you how to get started. This Missouri Senate seat is absolutely necessary for us to regain control of the U.S. Senate.

Working to save babies: RNC for Life PACfamily

The RNC for Life PAC is concentrating on the close yet winnable U.S. Senate races to help take back the Senate plus protecting our top pro-life Congressmen who are targeted and in danger from the Democrats, such as Michele Bachmann and Steve DonateKing. We need $25,000 more in PAC funds to help put these candidates over the finish line. Can you help us with a PAC donation now? You know that we will put it to good use for strong pro-life, pro-family candidates. Thank you in advance for your most generous support.  Click here to donate.   


Ready for a good laugh?


Remember Sandra Fluke, the 29-year-old Georgetown University law student who made such a stir about forcing the Catholic university pay for her birth control? She not only testified before a congressional Committee convened by “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi (what part of her church’s stand on birth control and abortion doesn’t Princess Pelosi understand?) but Fluke also was a featured speaker at the Democrat National Convention – in prime time, no less! Well, she’s out campaigning for President Obama’s reelection and spoke recently to a rally outside a Nevada grocery store where a grand total of – hold your breath now – TEN people showed up! In her defense, SakNSave did have a sale on meat franks this weekend. Maybe all of the would-be attendees were inside stocking up. Miniscule crowds like this demonstrate better than any news release that American women are concerned about jobs and the economy and the national debt their children are inheriting, NOT their $9.00 monthly contraception cost! Guess media darling Sandra Fluke’s 15 minutes are up. See the newsclip here.


Pres. Obama Lied About PP and Mammograms

$$-PPDuring last week’s Town Hall debate, President Obama mentioned Planned Parenthood favorably at least four times, deriding the GOP for wanting to cut off tax funding to the nation’s largest abortion provider which receives about $1 million daily in tax monies.

He even talked about the “free mammograms that Planned Parenthood provides to thousands of women.” What Obama didn’t say – perhaps did not even know – is that Planned Parenthood provides NO mammograms at all to any woman at any time!  It’s true – in the more than 800 PP facilities in the country, there is not a single mammogram machine. In fact, if there were, it would be a violation of federal law because, according to the Federal Mammogram Quality Standards Act, administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “(n)o facility may conduct an examination or procedure … involving mammography…” without a certification from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. And in June 2012, the HHS documented in a report that no PP clinic has this certification.

Late last week, even PP itself dispelled that myth, releasing a statement admitting that they do NOT provide mammograms. Read their statement here.

Many people believe the lie that PP provides free mammograms; please help us shine the light of truth onto that lie. Pass this information on to your friends and relatives who may still believe that PP helps women detect breast cancer with mammograms. If a PP breast exam determines a need for a mammogram, the woman is referred to a doctor who can perform a mammogram – but there will be a charge to the woman. Want to check it out? Contact your nearest PP center and ask to schedule an appointment for a free mammogram. You can find their phone number when you Google Planned Parenthood clinics.


Planned Parenthood Mischief of the Week

Planned Parenthood is Unsafe for Women and GirlsLila Rose, the courageous young president of Live Action who has secretly taped many instances of Planned Parenthood’s violation of state laws in their Abortuaries, has revealed that PP’s national president Cecile Richards is hitting the campaign trail for President Obama. In a recent press statement, Ms. Rose discloses that “In a new video the Obama campaign released today, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards says she is taking a break from her ‘day job’ to help reelect the President because our ‘daughters and granddaughters’ future depends on it.’ At a taxpayer funded salary of almost $400,000 a year, Ms. Richards may be able to afford to take a few weeks off to help, but the President has embraced a partner whose radical abortion-first agenda repeatedly puts the health and well-being of women and young girls at risk.”  To see some of Live Action’s revealing videos, including the Mona Lisa Project and videos of  PP mischief go here.


Adult Stem Cell Cures Being Sought

stem cellOur current RNC for Life Report has a very encouraging article about a pro-life stem cell research center which uses only adult stem cells, thus being both ethical and effective in their research.  If you would like to receive a FREE copy of the Report, please go here.