Election Results Stun, Disappoint

November 13, 2012

Election Results Stun, Disappoint   Is it 2016 yet?

There is no way to sugarcoat it: The most pro-abortion, anti-life President in our country’s history has just been given a seal of approval by America’s electorate and a validation of his Party’s extreme positions on Life, Family and Religious Liberty.

Not only that, but President Obama’s coattails proved to be very sturdy as they carried to victory nine equally culpable anti-life Democrat newcomers to the U. S. Senate.  (One newly-elected Senator is Joe Donnelly of Indiana who claims to be pro-life but was a part of the group of “pro-life” Democrats who had originally pledged to opposed ObamaCare due to its abortion-friendly provisions; but then, along with a dozen others, he caved under Obama’s pressure and was among the deciding votes which passed ObamaCare through the U.S. House. So one would be skeptical of how sincerely held those pro-life beliefs really are. Nonetheless, we hopefully will be able to obtain a positive vote from Donnelly if pro-life legislation ever is considered by the Democrat-controlled Senate.)

The newly-elected senators are comprised of five women and seven men and include only three pro-life senators, the three Republicans from AZ (Jeff Flake), TX (Ted Cruz) and NE (Deb Fischer) who will join NH’s Kelly Ayotte as the only pro-life women in the Senate. You can read about these 12 new Senators here.

Of the 33 Senate seats up in 2012, there were ten Republican seats, and three of those were lost to Democrats (ME, MA and IN) while the GOP took only one Democrat seat (NE). This allows the pro-abortion strangle-hold on the U.S. Senate to continue with the 53 Dems, 45 Repubs and 2 Independents who will likely caucus and vote with the Democrats.

While a few Congressional seats switched from Republican to Democrat, the GOP still maintains control of the House and undoubtedly will continue to pass solid pro-life legislation which undoubtedly will continue to be DOA in the Senate.

Clearly, we have our work cut out for us both for 2014 and 2016. Meanwhile, a more complete analysis of the Congressional election results as well as some statistical reasons why this aberration of our country’s traditional morals and values occurred will be included in the next issue of our RNC for Life Report. If you would like a FREE copy of this year-end Report, please click here.


How About Some Good News? 

MassachusettsThere was a stunning pro-life victory in “deep blue” Massachusetts where opponents of physician-assisted suicide overcame a 30 point deficit to defeat the measure on the November ballot.  According to pro-lifers there, this not only put a halt to what could have been a domino effect to other states, but also shows a model of bipartisan compassion in defense of life and real mercy. Sean Cardinal O’Malley and advocates for the disabled coupled their constituencies to win the very close election.


National Adoption Month  Adoption is LOVE

This month is National Adoption month, and pro-lifers celebrate this loving alternative to abortion. There are several exciting ways that adoption is being promoted as an option other than abortion. Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas explains the special blessing that adoption is both for the child and the family. Read his thoughts here.

familyOne focus for November is finding loving, permanent homes for the 104,000 foster children in the United States who are currently waiting to find their forever families according to National Adoption Month.

And this year marks a modern twist — social media and digital efforts with the theme “National Adoption Month — Virtually: Adoption in the Digital Age.” Social media and social networking allow information to be shared easily, quickly, and effectively, and this month’s emphasis is on sharing, educating, and informing others about the opportunities for adoption.  There even is a site where photos of adoptable children is featured.

Heroic Media, a pro-life advocacy organization, has produced a television commercial which shares the message that adoption is a loving choice that gives a birthmother the ability to choose a family for her baby and receive support throughout her pregnancy. To see this commercial, visit their website here‘The Adoption Option’ ad will air on the Oxygen Network, home to “I’m Having Their Baby,” a reality-TV program that follows women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, as they go through the adoption process. The show is ranked 20th among all ad-supported cable entertainment networks in its key demographic of women 18-34, according to Nielsen.

Choose Life platesNationally, more than half the states have provided for Choose Life license plates, which are designed to encourage women with unplanned pregnancies to consider adoption as a choice and whose proceeds go to support adoption advocating pregnancy centers.  To see if your state has such a program, visit their website.

Let’s all do our part to help promote adoption as the loving option to abortion not just this official Adoption Awareness Month, but all year ’round!