Can the GOP Win the Missouri U.S. Senate Seat?

October 11, 2012

Can the GOP Win the Missouri U.S. Senate Seat? 

MissouriYes, we can! And we must!  Missouri’s sitting Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill has a low approval rating with her state’s voters and has long been seen as vulnerable and one of the GOP’s best chances to pick up a crucial seat in the U.S. Senate.  After a multi-candidate Primary, Congressman Todd Akin was selected as the Republican nominee to take on McCaskill. Cong. Akin has a sterling pro-life record and is a committed conservative on all the other important issues as well.  (Just as you’d expect from Phyllis Schlafly’s own Congressman!) A thoughtless remark made weeks ago (for which he profusely apologized) turned the Republican establishment against him as well as even some well-known conservatives. Yet he continues to recover in the polls, with a recent Rasmussen poll showing him just four points down from McCaskill among “certain to vote” respondents. And then this week, it was revealed that McCaskill’s husband’s company had received about $40 million in government funding – much of which she had voted for!  See details here.  This revelation will surely not sit well with the Show-Me State voters as Akin’s campaign is showing them where their tax dollars went – straight into McCaskill’s spouse’s pocket!

The Akin candidacy is endorsed by former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sen. Jim DeMint, Gov. Mike Huckabee, RNC for Life and Phyllis Schlafly. But we need YOUR help to put this race over the top!

Please help by making short, easy phone calls into Missouri using Eagle Ops (developed only for Phyllis Schlafly’s endorsed candidates only to use). These calls will help to identify Akin supporters so that they can be encouraged to vote on Election Day. To become a part of this independent Team for Akin, contact Sandy McDade, Eagle Forum’s National Political Director, at [email protected] with the subject line Akin Calls. She will get back to you and get you set up for these important phone calls which can be made during the day or in the evening hours. WE CAN MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THIS RACE — CAN WE COUNT ON YOUR HELP?

President Obama’s Shocking Pro-Abortion Record  

shockedYes, we have said it over and over, and the Democrat party’s National Convention at Charlotte (which even liberal Cokie Roberts said was “over the top” with its heavy-handed abortion emphasis) certainly confirmed the Democrat party’s absolute devotion to the cause of tax-funded abortions for anyone at any stage of pregnancy, but it is still stunning to see President Obama’s pro-death actions detailed one by one. Our friends at have compiled this startling record here.  Be prepared – there are literally hundreds of Obama actions that are carefully detailed by date. This should be more than enough to convince any pro-life person not to support his re-election campaign. If you can help make phone calls to prospective voters in swing states for the Romney-Ryan ticket, go here for instructions.

Oklahoma Ultrasound Bill’s Constitutionality Challenged

ultrasoundThis week, the Oklahoma Attorney General has joined with Jubilee Campaign’s Law of Life Project to file a brief-in-chief before the Oklahoma Supreme Court defending the Sooner State’s ultrasound legislation. The Law of Life Project is a public interest legal organization which is dedicated to legally defending the right to life and dignity of the human being from biological conception until natural death in all matters worldwide where such a defense is required.

On trial is the state’s ultrasound bill which was passed in April of 2010 and which, like several similar laws in other states, requires that women be given the opportunity to see and hear their child’s ultrasound and heartbeat as a part of their informed consent to abortions. Almost immediately after the bill’s passage, the abortionist lobby went to court and in March of 2012, a district judge struck down the law as unconstitutional, ruling in favor of the abortionists with a brief three-paragraph ruling. In contrast and deference to the extreme importance of the law, the AG and Law of Life gathered more than 1,700 pages of evidence for their brief.

Planned Parenthood Mischief of the Week 

Expose Planned ParenthoodPro-Life Waco had a brief but meaningful battle with Planned Parenthood last week, and the pro-life Texans won! The downtown Farmers Market had posted on their Facebook page that  PP was going to have a voter registration booth at the Farmers Market on Saturday. This immediately and spontaneously generated a stream of negative comments and in less than 24 hours, the Farmers Market reported that PP decided to withdraw their project. Most would agree with John Pisciotta, Pro-Life Waco’s Director, that a Farmers Market is no place for politics or such controversy. Best to just stick to the price of tomatoes or cantaloupes!

Take Action!ACTION: Click here to become a part of the independent Akin Team and make phone calls to help elect Todd Akin as Missouri’s next U.S. Senator: [email protected] (subject line: Akin Calls).

If you would like to go to Missouri yourself to help, contact Dianne Edmondson at [email protected] as she is organizing teams to be on the ground the last two weeks of October.

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