Abortionist Gosnell Jury Still Out

May 9, 2013

 Abortionist Gosnell Jury Still Out  

jury outThe jury in Philadelphia deliberating the guilt or innocence of abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell did not reach a verdict last week, and so will continue its deliberations again this week. According to some observers, the jury apparently has not yet begun considering the charges against Gosnell himself, as the questions and requests for information sent to the judge revolved around some of Gosnell’s associates at the filthy abortuary. Therefore, these observers conclude, it is likely that the deliberations may continue for several more days, even weeks.

The case is already having national ramifications: The abortion industry is back-pedaling as fast as it can to try and distance itself from the House of Horrors butcher. Yet evidence exists that the same type of unsanitary conditions and late-term abortions occur in many other facilities as well. Even the Huffington Post acknowledges Planned Parenthood’s discomfort concerning the growing public awareness of what abortion really is.

Fox NewsDid You Miss the Fox News Special on Dr. Gosnell?

If you did not get to see the “See No Evil” special report that was on Fox News last weekend, you can view it here. Very comprehensive and well done. There is also a DVD available to order.

But the House of Horrors Isn’t the Only Such “Clinic”  

House of HorrorsFilthy clinics are the status quo in the abortion industry. Kermit Gosnell is not an outlier and the complaints against Planned Parenthood of Delaware prove that Big Abortion regularly puts the lives of women at risk for STD’s, HIV and even death,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Indeed, a Michigan clinic was shut down late last year due to similar conditions and medical errors by the abortionist. If you can imagine, Dr. Robert Alexander is still licensed to practice medicine in Michigan even after an incomplete abortion in which the infant’s decapitated head remained inside the mother! The shady way in which this doctor was not investigated by the state’s Board of Health despite numerous complaints against Dr. Alexander is revealed in this expose. Thanks to GOP State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker who is making these facts public.

Delaware Free of Surgical  Abortions — For Now!

Delaware abortionsDelaware is now free of surgical abortuaries as the Gosnell scandal has revealed a similar hazardous facility in Wilmington. That makes Delaware the first state in the country to be free of surgical abortions at least temporarily. The two Planned Parenthood facilities are the last remaining abortion facilities in Delaware after two affiliates of the Atlantic Women’s Medical Services closed in 2011 when news of their association with Gosell surfaced and numerous health and safety violations were discovered. Full details are here.

Many states have passed or are considering legislation to require abortuaries to maintain sanitary conditions and medical standards that other surgical centers must meet. The abortion industry vigorously opposes such legislation, which requires more complete sterilization of instruments and the surgery area instead of merely minor cleanup between procedures. Such standards protect women from STDs and other infections. It also means that abortionists will be unable to meet their goal of 10 – 12 abortions per hour as this sterilization process takes longer than the cursory cleanup procedures, according to former abortion clinic manager Carol Everett of The Heidi Group.

If your state is considering such legislation, please encourage your state legislators to pass it. It’s just common sense and good medical practice. And it will save babies.

INHUMANVideo Series Exposes Planned Parenthood  as INHUMAN

It’s hard to believe unless you see and hear it for yourself : Planned Parenthood abortion clinic workers counseling prospective “clients” on undercover videos. These women are 23 – 25 weeks pregnant and are undercover Live Action actors who are seeking late-term abortions. At this New York clinic, the Live Action actor is assured that the baby will be “terminated” inside her uterus and then suctioned out, with a check to be sure that “all the parts came out.” Toxic seaweed will be inserted to “stop the heartbeat” of the baby and then she is to return to the clinic the next day to complete the procedure. She asks what to do if “it should come out at home” and is told to just flush it down the toilet. You must see and hear this extraordinary undercover video to fully comprehend how inhuman Planned Parenthood abortionists and staff really are.

The video begins with President Obama being interviewed on the TODAY show regarding the Gosnell trial and then takes us to The Bronx where more than 50% of all pregnancies are aborted. (NYC as a whole has a 41% abortion rate.)

There also is a written report from Live Action to New York officials which you can read. There are two more undercover videos, showing the inhumanity of Planned Parenthood and next week, we will bring you the link to Washington, D.C. for the second exposure and then the week of May 20, we will bring you the link to the third video, taken in Arizona. Be sure to watch for next week’s E-Notes and share this one with other pro-lifers.

How About Some Good News?!

young girl

AP/the Korea Herald

A two-year-old girl who has been unable to breathe, eat, drink or swallow since she was born without a windpipe is now enjoying life much like any other toddler thanks to a new bioengineered windpipe which was grown from her own stem cells. Doctors in South Korea told Hannah’s parents that she likely would die and that they could do nothing for her. But Darryl Warren and his wife Lee Young-mi found out about the leading edge technology which Swedish doctors had developed which might reproduce a windpipe for their daughter. Unable to afford the expensive surgery, the Warrens’ plight touched the heart of an American pediatric surgeon who then arranged for the “miracle” surgery to take place in Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Using her own bone marrow stem cells, the new windpipe took less than a week to develop. This Catholic hospital views the use of adult stem cells as perfectly moral and ethical, while it does not approve of the use of embryonic stem cells since their use requires killing a human embryo. This amazing surgery once again shows the promise of adult stem cells, which have produced every single successful medical stem cell advancement compared to zero such accomplishments for embryonic stem cells. Read more fascinating details here.

There are many other such successes that have taken place in medical science. In fact, some medical researchers feel that organ transplants (which have some  controversy associated with them) could be lessened greatly as this new technology matures.

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