Media’s Double-Standard on What is a Big Story

April 16, 2013

Media’s Double-Standard on What is a “Big Story”

Our hearts and prayers are with those hundreds of people who were injured (with at least three fatalities) by the terrorist bombings of the Boston Marathon finish line. Among the dead and injured were children, including an eight-year-old boy who was mercilessly killed. This horrible act of senseless violence has been covered nearly non-stop by every media outlet   television, radio and print — since mid-afternoon on Monday.

And yet, just over 300 miles away in a Philadelphia courtroom, a merciless mass murderer stands trial and there is virtually not a minute of network coverage of the proceedings. If not for the Philadelphia Inquirer, there would be no notice at all of the trial of the “House of Horrors” butcher, Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

The photo below, courtesy of J.D. Mullane, columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times, shows the lack of media coverage: The seats reserved for media personnel are totally vacant during the trial — the media simply isn’t interested in exposing the horror of abortion.

media coverage

It is particularly disturbing for Republicans to learn through the Grand Jury report that under “pro-choice” Republican former governor Tom Ridge, both routine and upon-complaint inspections of abortuaries in Pennsylvania were discontinued, presumably in order not to “restrict” women’s access to abortions.

This lack of inspection, of course, leads to filthy and medically unsafe facilities so that in addition to killing the babies, women’s lives are also at risk. Dr. Gosnell, for instance, is charged with the murder of seven born-alive infants and one woman. There are countless other deaths as well for which he is not being tried. These facts document how important it is for abortion facilities to be required to maintain the same medical standards as other ambulatory surgical centers. Several states have enacted or are considering such legislation and pro-lifers should help pass these bills.

Aware of this Gosnell trial news freeze by the MSM, students from the National Black Pro-Life Union joined with the Assistant National Director of L.E.A.R.N (Life Education And Resource Network ) and attended the trial on Monday, according to Christian Newswire.

To read details from the trial, click here and here but please be warned that some details and photos are very disturbing. Yet these horrors are being blacked out from the public probably because Americans would be horrified and demand an end to this barbaric practice. Atlantic magazine has finally broken the ice by interviewing pro-life leaders about the trial, and Fox News, thanks to its persistent denouncement of the MSM’s lack of coverage, has persuaded the Washington Post to send a reporter to cover the remaining days of the proceedings.

Help Force Networks to Cover the Gosnell Trial

urgentNow YOU can help get the word out as well. How? You can call your local ABC, CBS and NBC television stations and ask them why there is no coverage on their stations for the trial. They will probably tell you that there is no network feed for it, and then you can suggest that they request network coverage and/or send a reporter there themselves. Many large markets, such as Dallas, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, etc. often send reporters to cover big stories in other parts of the country. Our job is to convince the local stations that this IS a big story and that their viewers want this trial covered.

Please pass this email on to others so that we can get as many people as possible contacting hundreds of local TV stations and demanding coverage of this mass murder trial.

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