It’s Time NOT to Buy Girl Scout Cookies Again!

February 11, 2013

It’s Time NOT to Buy Girl Scout Cookies Again!

Girl Scouts

Hard as it is to say “No, thank you” to a cute little Brownie Scout, pro-lifers really need to NOT buy those cookies, the major fundraiser for the Girl Scouts USA, an organization who partners with pro-abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood. As a co-founder and current member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), GSUSA apparently approves of the Association, whose programs aggressively promote abortion and comprehensive sexuality education and train girls to “talk about sex,” and which partners with pro-abortion organizations like International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) and the World YWCA.

Click here to see where the explicit and controversial “Healthy, Happy and Hot” booklet is prominently displayed on the website of WAGGGS partner, the World YWCA.

No wonder so many churches are rethinking their sponsorship of Girl Scout troops (just as they are now rethinking their sponsorship of Boy Scouts if the BSA decides to admit homosexuals as leaders at their May meeting). Many concerned parents are choosing a traditional values-based alternative for their daughters, American Heritage Girls. And they also are baking their cookies at home or buying them at the local bakery or supermarket.

40 Years of Roe v. Wade Memorials 

Roe v. Wade MemorialsThanks to those of you who helped memorialize the 55 million never-to-be-born babies who have lost their lives since the Supreme Court legalized abortion. Some pro-lifers who did not have an abortion facility near their home chose to have a display at their homes, such as this one by Carol Ann Preston in Carrollton, Texas.

This memorial idea came from Skeet Workman, a long-time Eagle in Lubbock, TX. Her efforts locally were very successful, as this television coverage shows (click on the video tab).  She reports that several anonymous letters to their aborted babies were left among the flowers and teddy bears by heartbroken women and some men who lost their children by abortion and sorely regret those decisions. The letters are so touching and represent the reality of the emotional grief experienced by those who have had abortions. One in particular is very heart-rending and is reproduced below:

“To my unborn baby (and to anyone even considering an abortion):

On this horrific anniversary, I need to tell you my profound regret in the decision I made 40 years ago. Strangely, my abortion was one week before the Roe v. Wade decision. The Houston Planned Parenthood arranged plane loads of women to fly to California for their abortions, then fly back the next day. At the time, I knew nothing of the baby that was growing in me, nor did I know that the procedure would take your life. I just knew that my life would be simpler without a pregnancy and I took the coward’s way out.

It wasn’t until 1990, where a combination of spiritual events brought me clarity of my action. I had just started going back to church, and my pastor’s wife was teaching on the Sanctity of Life. I said nothing at first, but a very controversial political ad by a Christian running for Congress in Colorado was showing at that time. It showed a hand holding the body of a 12 week old aborted baby, fully formed, innocent, the same age you were when I aborted you. The shock was incredibly painful, and my pastors’ wife helped me to ask forgiveness from you and from God so that I could forgive myself.

Since that time, I have been staunchly pro-life, and am willing to tell my story to anyone who asks. I think of you every year at this time; and other times as well. You would be a young woman of 39 (I am almost certain you were female, though Planned Parenthood only considered you a blob of tissue to be scraped from my uterus). You would probably have kids of your own now, and they would be my grandchildren!

I am 61 now, and I guess the thing that hit me this year is that I didn’t just kill one baby, I killed multiple generations of precious children that I would now love to hold and adore. I know God has forgiven me and I know you have forgiven me, and I know I now forgive myself. But I will never forget. My prayer now is that I will get to see you in Heaven, and receive your forgiveness face-to-face. I also pray that God will open other women’s eyes and hearts before they make such a terrible decision.

Your mother, Ann”


One Mother Who Chose Life for Her Son

Mark SchultzContemporary Christian singer Mark Schultz has written a song,  “Everything to Me,” which is the story of a young mother choosing to place her newborn baby into the care of an adoptive family. A former youth group leader in Nashville, Mark had more than just a pro-life sentiment in mind in this song. He had his life in mind, because that young mother was his mom. You can watch the video of this life-affirming choice.