Maternal Abortion Deaths Double

November 27, 2012

Maternal Abortion Deaths Double  

CDCThe most recent report compiled by the Centers for Disease Control shows that while abortion continues to kill more than 1 million pre-born infants each year, it also is becoming more dangerous for the women seeking those abortions. In fact, the most recent data available (2009), shows that at least a dozen women died as a result of botched abortions. This number may seem small but actually is twice as high as the previous year, and is the largest number of reported maternal deaths since 1994.

A total of 784,507 abortions were reported to CDC for 2009 but this number is low by at least 200,000 abortions since the CDC reporting is strictly voluntary on the part of the states; abortions from California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland and New Hampshire are unreported in this total. Based on the previous year’s reporting in those states, the total annual number of abortions continues to be at least 1 million. Since there also is no requirement for federal reporting of maternal abortion-related deaths, it is likely that the number given is also underreported. To read the entire report with additional statistics, click here.

In their quest to keep abortion “safe, legal and rare” the pro-abortionists frequently throw out scary numbers trying to show that more women would be dying from illegal abortions if  the “choice” to abort one’s baby up to and including the moment of birth was once again illegal. But the facts simply don’t support the claims that “thousands” of women died annually from the so-called “back alley” abortions prior to Roe v. Wade. Even before Mississippi first legalized abortion for rape and incest in 1966, those abortion-related deaths were only about 120 annually and by 1972, the year before the Supreme Court legalized abortion in all 50 states, it was down to 39 per year in the USA. Since legalization, the slow decline in maternal mortality has continued, so that now the only difference is that more mothers are dying from legal, rather than illegal abortions. And with those millions of pre-born babies being slaughtered each year, abortion certainly is not rare and is increasingly unsafe even for the woman.

Will Your Church Provide a Minute of Exhortation? 

churchAs the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade approaches, a thought-provoking statistic has come to light: If our churches were to honor each of those more than 50 million aborted Americans with just a minute of silence, our nation would remain speechless for more than 95 years! In actuality, most of our churches and people of faith have remained virtually silent for 39 years.

Recently on Chuck Colson’s BreakPoint website, Rolley Haggard issued a challenge to churches: Instead of remaining speechless as we have done now for 39 years (to our everlasting shame), we should instead open our mouths and sound the alarm! He suggests spending just one minute a week speaking from the pulpit reminding the faithful of the sin of abortion. Read his article here. Will your pastor be willing to do this for less than one hour total in 2013?

A recent movie, Amazing Grace, detailed the 18-year battle that an 18th century Englishman, William Wilberforce, fought in trying to get Great Britain to abolish the slave trade in which it was the world’s dominant player. As a few of the British clergy began to preach about the sin of slavery, some parishioners walked out on those soul-pricking sermons. Yet the brave preachers and the abolitionists persisted so that eventually, the bill was passed which abolished the slave trade in England’s shipping industry. Eventually, this freedom-from-slavery movement spread to America a half-century later. Despite the potential unpalatability to some of our anti-abortion message, we must not defer or delay. After all, we already have been twice as long in this battle to abolish abortion as Wilberforce was in his to abolish the slave trade.

Is the Donor Dead Yet?

donorYou’ve probably heard and read a great deal of positive publicity about the benefits of the organ donor program – information which is provided by those in the medical profession deeply involved in the so-called “gift of life.” But when presenting their information, they deliberately leave us believing the donor is already truly dead before the organs are taken. They intentionally omit the in-depth explanation of the necessary procedure a donor must undergo WHILE STILL ALIVE. This shocking realization is surfacing throughout the pro-life movement, and the upcoming RNC for Life REPORT will feature the first of a series of articles exposing the truth about “harvesting” organs for transplant. If you would like a FREE copy of this disturbing report, please go here.

The Killing Fields of the Wombs: 40th Anniversary

wombOn January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States, with a 7-to-2 majority vote, ruled that abortion would be legal in all 50 states by “discovering” a heretofore unmentioned “right to privacy” in the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment. Since that time, more than 55 million yet unborn babies have been exterminated in what should have been their safe havens: their mothers’ wombs.

The battle continues for the sanctity of life, and as we observe this solemn anniversary, please consider giving RNC for Life a gift that will enable us to press on with our efforts to educate about the full spectrum of Life issues and to elect pro-life advocates to the U.S. Congress who will aid those efforts.

If you can give a gift of $40 on this 40th year of the killing fields, please click here. We must not grow weary or falter in our determination and with your help, we shall continue the battle. May we count on your help? Thank you.