North Dakota Governor signs pro-life bills

March 28, 2013

Good News!

North Dakota Governor signs pro-life bills

Governor Jack DalrympleAs we reported in last week’s E-Notes, the North Dakota legislature had passed several very strong pro-life bills: requiring abortionists to have nearby hospital privileges in case of botched abortion emergencies; banning abortions when a heartbeat can be detected, as early as six weeks; and prohibiting killing a pre-born child because of its gender or because of a genetic abnormality, such as Down Syndrome. And less than 24 hours after they reached his desk, Republican Governor Jack Dalrymple signed them into law.  This makes North Dakota the first state to ban abortions based on the genetic issue. (Several adoption agencies specialize in placing such children: and Gov. Dalrymple acknowledges that the legislation likely will be challenged in court, but notes that the issues need to be decided, and he suggested that the legislature allocate funds for the defense of the laws. Pro-lifers thank the courageous legislators and governor for taking these strong positions on the sanctity of life. Read the full story here.

Abortion Referral Clinic Closes in ConnecticutConnecticut

The Southern New England abortion referral clinic in New England, CT has shut its doors. This facility did not actually commit abortions but did arrange for abortions at another nearby Planned Parenthood abortuary.  More details here.

Iowa PP to Drop Two of Eighteen Sites

IowaPlanned Parenthood of the Heartland (formerly PP of Greater Iowa) has announced its plans to close 2 of its 18 facilities in the cornhusker state, according to Ben Johnson of The Spencer Health Center commits “abortion services,” according to the PP website, whereas Fort Madison Health Center operates as a referral shop. Both dispense the abortifacient morning-after pill and offer “LGBT services.” Johnson indicates the Iowa operations are part of a multi-state franchise spreading into Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. No reason was given for the closure.

Adult Stem Cell Research Encouraged,
Wrongful Death Lawsuits Discouraged

KansasThe Kansas legislature has just passed two excellent pro-life bills.  The Unborn Civil Rights bill (SB 142) bans “wrongful birth and wrongful life”  lawsuits which claim that a disabled child should have been aborted. The second bill (SB 199) establishes the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center, a unique center which will increase treatments of patients in the sunflower state and the region using non-embryonic (adult and umbilical cord) sources and also to process and multiply stem cells for wider use in clinical trials. As E-notes readers are aware, ALL successful stem cell treatments have resulted from the use of adult stem cells and NO successful embryonic stem cell treatments have been developed.

40 Days for Life Saves 554 Babies From Abortion

babyAt least 554 babies were spared from abortion during the recently concluded 40 Days for Life campaign, according to Shawn Carney, campaign director. From White Plains, New York to Adelaide, Australia, faithful pro-life volunteers prayed and counseled outside abortuaries and helped save these innocent lives. Read more here.

But there is also Bad News!

Activist Judge Kills Three Pro-Life Laws

IdahoMeanwhile, in Idaho, a U.S. District judge has struck down as unconstitutional three pro-life laws: a 20-week fetal pain abortion ban; a requirement that all first-trimester abortions be performed by a physician in a clinic or office which is staffed properly,(which, in practice, made most drug-induced abortions illegal, since medications like RU-486 are usually taken while the mother is at home); and a third law which required second-trimester abortions be performed in hospitals. Hopefully, Idaho will appeal this devastating ruling which, of course, is being heralded by the ACLU.

“Killer Tiller” Abortuary to Re-Open Soon


(Mike Hutmacher / Wichita Eagle / January 25, 2013)

But all the news is not sunshine-y  for pro-lifers in the sunflower state. Kansans for Life reports that the abortuary formerly operated by notorious baby-killer Dr. George Tiller, who was infamous for doing very late-term abortions in Wichita, is re-opening next week.  As E-Notes reported earlier, the doctor’s former assistant was attempting to purchase the building and re-open it under a different name. That attempt has apparently been successful, according to this news story. Pro-lifers are being urged to peacefully pray in front of the building as it opens for its bloody business once again.

Holy Week 

Holy WeekThis week is one of the holiest in both the Jewish and Christian faiths.  As Christians observe Good Friday and the redemptive death of Jesus and celebrate His resurrection on Easter Sunday, our Jewish friends remember God’s mercy on their people thousands of years ago as the angel of death passed over their households. May your family’s observance of these events be blessed.

Across our country, pro-lifers will be marking Good Friday as a day of mourning and prayer at abortuaries nationwide.