Planned Parenthood: Killing Abortion Survivors Okay?

April 10, 2013

Planned Parenthood: Killing Abortion Survivors Okay?

Planned Parenthood
It’s really hard to believe, but recently a Planned Parenthood representative stated – twice – that if a baby were to survive an abortion attempt, that no medical means should be used to save that baby’s life. Testifying against a bill in the Florida legislature which would require medical personnel to use their best professional efforts to save the infant, the PP lobbyist repeatedly said that should a baby survive the abortion and be alive, “struggling there on the table” as one committee member questioned, the decision about treatment should be left to the family and physician (abortionist). Trying to justify that barbaric statement, she threw out statements about rural areas, hospital distances, the “rarity” of such survivals, etc. However, the very fact that PP was opposing a bill requiring medical personnel to try and save both the baby as well as the woman speaks volumes about their true character. This is the same kind of legislation that then-state senator Barack Obama voted against during his term in the Illinois State Senate. Read more here.

Killing Abortion Survivors a Gosnell Specialty

GosnellMeanwhile, the trial of “house of horrors” abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell continued in Pennsylvania, with horrific evidence shown of Gosnell’s dirty, gruesome facility and its helpless victims. Indeed, according to Gary Bauer, writing in The Weekly Standard, one of Gosnell’s assistants has admitted to killing at least ten babies who were delivered alive. “Trophies” from Gosnell’s decades of killing were found everywhere in the death factory:  bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses and fetus parts that were scattered throughout his squalid “clinic” which preyed upon poor women and murdered hundreds of innocent pre-born infants. “Gosnell made millions performing illegal late-term and after-birth abortions. The bigger the baby, the bigger the payday was his creed,” according to Bauer. With all this horror exposed, where is the mainstream media’s coverage of this trial? You guessed it – nowhere to be seen or to be read. You can, however, read Gary Bauer’s article here.

No Filthy Clinics to be Allowed in Alabama

AlabamaAlabama’s Republican Gov. Robert Bentley has signed important pro-life legislation to eliminate shameful and unhealthy conditions in women’s clinics in his state. The Women’s Health and Safety Act was approved by the Alabama Legislature last week and promotes, improves and strengthens the standards of care at women’s clinics in Alabama. Similar legislation is working its way through the Texas legislature as well.

Thanks, Senator Randi Becker!

Senator Randi Becker

Sen. Becker

Demonstrating what one determined pro-life woman can do, Washington State Senator Randi Becker single-handedly blocked a bill that would have forced every regional health plan to cover abortion, according to the Family Research Council. The Reproductive Parity Act passed the Washington State House last month by a vote of 53 to 43, but its approval was not so certain in the Senate. Last week, approximately 250 people packed a hearing of the Senate Health Care Committee, where both sides of the issue were presented. Reports state that many donned buttons and ribbons and dressed in strategic colors to demonstrate their passion both for and against the bill. With the encouragement of U.S. Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), state Sen. Randi Becker told a packed hearing room that she refused to schedule a vote on the “Reproductive Parity Act,” effectively killing the measure. Despite the heat she’s taking from the Left, Becker won’t let her state become the first to mandate abortion coverage in insurance plans. Never underestimate the power of a strong pro-life woman! Read more here.

Do “Human Rights” groups protect the pre-born?

pre-bornWant to know which “human rights” groups are actually promoting abortion? You can learn more in the current issue of the RNC for Life REPORT. For your free copy, click here.