Pray for Our Country Thursday

May 2, 2013

National Day of PrayerPray for Our Country Thursday

Thursday is the 62nd National Day of Prayer and thousands of prayer services will be held all across the U.S. for people of faith to seek God’s blessings upon our troubled nation. To echo the words of Mary Washington, mother of our nation’s first president, we believe it is time to “Remember that God is our only sure trust.”  The task force organizing the National Day of Prayer has chosen Matthew 12:21 as our Scripture for this year: “In His name the nations will put their hope.” To find a prayer event near you, click here. And when you pray on Thursday, please remember to pray for the cause of Life.

Mother’s Day – Father’s Day Baby Bottle Project

. . . an EASY way for your church to be Pro-Life!

Baby bottleKansans for Life looks at babies as Gifts from God and has developed a unique way to foster this belief — the BABY BOTTLE PROJECT. They suggest that a baby bottle be given to every family leaving church on Mother’s Day. The family is asked to place their money (spare change and bills) into the bottle and return it to the church on Father’s Day.  During this time, families are encouraged to PRAY for babies in their state. The project demonstrates a real connection between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day — just as in a family there is a real connection between the mother and the father. The donations collected can be given to a local pro-life group, such as a pregnancy resource center. This project offers the pastor an opportunity to discuss what God intended when He created marriage and the family unit. Perhaps YOUR church would be willing to undertake this creative pro-life project? Call Kansans for Life at 800-928-5433 or email [email protected] if you have questions.

juryGosnell Jury Still Out

Gruesome reports of babies screaming, struggling, breathing — even swimming in a toilet — before Dr. Gruesome himself, Kermit Gosnell (or one of his employees) ended those lives by cutting through their tiny spinal cords: these are some of the examples of evidence presented against Dr. Gosnell by the state of Pennsylvania. The price sheet below shows how this butcher even charged extra for sedation and a “merchandising fee” of up to $45 for using a credit card! And please note that he gives a discount for Medicaid — that’s tax money, folks.

Abortion Price List

According to Media Research Council’s Newsbusters blog, the media coverage has increased ten-fold since the tweet-a-thon and the Kirsten Powers USAToday column forced the mainstream media to reluctantly begin coverage of the largest mass murderer in U.S. history. Be sure to read the New York Times story linked inside this blog, Both sides rested their cases Tuesday and the jury began deliberations.  As of late Wednesday afternoon, no verdict had been reached.

Breaking News

There will be a special on the Gosnell trial on Friday night on FOX at 8 p.m. central time. Be sure to watch!