Senate Races Key to Passing Pro-Life Legislation

October 3, 2012

Senate Races Key to Passing Pro-Life Legislation

Vote!The battle for control of the United States Senate is, by all accounts, very much a toss-up right now. Polls show that in seven states where the GOP hopes to take a Democrat seat (or, as in the case of Indiana, hold a GOP seat) the races are just too close to call. Our efforts can really make a difference and help regain control of the Senate — and retire Sen. Harry Reid! This link shows the prospective makeup of the Senate given the races as they stand today.

phoneIt is apparent that our efforts must be two-fold: electing the pro-life Romney-Ryan ticket and giving them a pro-life Republican Senate to go with our pro-life Republican House of Representatives. YOU can help by making phone calls, writing postcards and even traveling to other states to help with their “ground game” in walking precincts, handing out literature, etc.  Please visit our website to see these seven targeted races; some don’t even require a computer to be of immense help to the campaigns. Here’s the link to our site. Please do what you can – for America and for America’s unborn babies.

RNC for Life wants to maximize our PAC contributions to these and other good pro-life conservatives in this General Election cycle.  To do that, we must increase our PAC coffers. Your generous donation will help us help these candidates who value the sanctity of life.  Click here to donate to our PAC.


Will We Have Fair and Honest Elections?

true-the-voteAt the recent Eagle Council, we heard a riveting presentation concerning rampant voter fraud which steals elections by Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote. She explained how important it is to have observers at polling sites throughout the country during this election. Please consider volunteering to help in your state, and recruiting others to do so as well. Even those who don’t agree with us on every issue normally will agree that we need honest and fair elections. True the Vote is holding a national teleconference on Thursday night, Oct. 4 that will help explain this project. You can register to join in by going here. We must be sure that every vote counts – honestly and fairly – in this crucial election!


moneyIllegal Abortion Coverage Costs Aetna Insurance $1.5 Million Fine 

Just days ago, the state of Missouri levied a record fine against Aetna Life Insurance Co. for violation of a 1983 state law which prohibits covering elective abortions under standard health insurance policies and other violations of state statutes, including autism insurance law.

Ironically, the violations came to light during a public hearing on SB 749, the religious liberty bill recently enacted into law over Governor Nixon’s veto.  Aetna, the sixth largest insurer in Missouri, was bundling elective abortion coverage into health plans without having specific customer requests and extra charges for that coverage.  The revelation motivated legislators to add a new and stronger provision to the new legislation. Read the full story here.


Life Chain 25th Annual Event Takes Place Sunday, Oct. 7


For a quarter of a century, Life Chain has been serving as a peaceful and prayerful public witness of pro-life individuals who stand silently for 90 minutes praying for our nation and for an end to abortion. These participants provide a visual statement of solidarity by the Christian community that abortion kills children and that the Church supports the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. This year’s events are taking place throughout both the United States and Canada. To find a Life Chain near you, go here.