Susan G. Komen Cancels Half its National Walks

June 7, 2013

Susan G. Komen Cancels Half its National Walks

Susan G. Komen FoundationThe Susan G. Komen foundation is canceling half of its three-day walks in major cities throughout the country, reportedly due to lack of participation. The walks have been the largest fundraiser for the foundation, which allegedly spends its money to fight breast cancer. However, Komen also funnels thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood and refuses to admit the link between abortion and breast cancer. Though the foundation initially attempted to defund Planned Parenthood last year, it caved to feminist pressure and renewed its grants to the abortion giant. Next year’s walks in Washington DC, San Francisco, Arizona, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland and Tampa Bay have been dropped. The walks will continue in Komen’s homebase of Dallas-Ft. Worth, as well as Atlanta, Michigan, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

IRSIRS Targets Pro-Life Group,
Protects Planned Parenthood

In Congressional Ways and Means Committee hearings last week, the founder of Iowa’s Coalition for Life, Susan Martinek, testified to the harassment to which her organization was subjected by the Internal Revenue Service. The religious and educational group she heads, an organization already incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under Iowa law, was asked to surrender First Amendment rights of assembly, free speech, and religious expression, including questions pertaining to the content of the group’s members’ prayers. “The IRS’s questions centered on our educational activities, potential political activities, our prayer groups, and signage,” explained Martinek.  “In particular,” she recalled, “the IRS wanted our assurances that we would not bother Planned Parenthood!” Watch her five minute testimony here for more details.

When questioning IRS Commissioner Shulman, Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock asks about the IRS questioning the content of the group’s prayers, shown here. Clearly, this agency is out of control and determined to undermine conservative organizations. Ms. Martinek was accompanied to the hearing by an attorney from the Thomas More Society, a national not-for-profit public interest law firm whose mission is to restore respect in law for life, marriage, and religious liberty.

AbortionistsAbortionists Lose Licenses — Finally!    

Maryland, infamous for having some of the country’s most liberal abortion regulations, has stepped up to the plate recently in summarily suspending the medical licenses of abortionists Iris E. Dominy and Mansour G. Panah late last month. According to Operation Rescue, Dominy was involved in the death of 38-year-old Maria Santiago, who stopped breathing and suffered cardiac arrest while she was left unmonitored and unattended immediately after her abortion on February 13, 2013. Panah, who has a long history of sexual misconduct with patients, was acting as the Medical Director of the “Associates in OB/GYN Care” abortuary located in a residential condo complex in Baltimore, and was responsible for patient care at the time of Santiago’s death. Inspectors also found that the defibrillator at the condo/clinic did not work and that the patient had been carelessly left unattended while under heavy sedation. No one noticed when Santiago stopped breathing, and no staff was adequately trained in CPR, including Dominy. As a result of the inadequate clinic conditions and the negligence of Dominy, Santiago died from severe pulmonary edema, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and hypoxia brain injury.

The Maryland Board of physicians concluded that both abortionists were so dangerous that “the public health, safety, or welfare imperatively requires emergency action.” A post-deprivation hearing has been scheduled by the Board of Physicians for Wednesday.

Panah and Dominy also work at three other “Associates in Ob/GYN” abortion clinics in Maryland, all of which are affiliated with the notorious illegal late-term abortionist Steven Chase Brigham of New Jersey.

“The emergency license suspensions of Dominy and Panah raise other serious questions concerning patient safety in Maryland and elsewhere,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Why is Steven Brigham allowed to continue operating his chain of shoddy abortion clinics that endanger women and have now claimed the life of Maria Santiago? Brigham and all his abortion quacks should be banned from coming within a mile of a medical facility.” We agree, Troy.

CA May Allow Non-Doctors to Perform Abortions

CaliforniaAs if medical doctor abortionists aren’t careless enough with women’s lives, a proposal to allow nurses and midwives to perform some abortions is advancing in California’s Democratic legislature, a move supporters hope will influence the national debate on abortion even as other states are tightening the rules.

Reuters reports that if the measure is enacted, the nation’s most populous state would allow nurse-practitioners, nurse-midwives and physician assistants to perform a procedure known as aspiration, which uses suction to dislodge an embryo from the uterine wall during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Four other states — Oregon, Montana, Vermont and New Hampshire — allow non-physicians to perform these early abortions, but California would be the first to codify the practice in law.

More broadly, the abortion bill is just one of dozens of left-leaning proposals gushing forth from newly emboldened California Democrats, who in 2012 won super-majority control of both houses of the state assembly. Bills on gun control, immigration, gay rights, taxation and education are all in the queue in the left-coast legislature.

The Democratic speaker of the California assembly, John Perez of Los Angeles, predicts a future electorate will be supporting such measures. The liberals believe that their left-wing agenda will be embraced by these voters who are young and culturally diverse. “These are mainstream issues here — not just the provenance of the progressive community,” said Perez, who supports expanding abortion rights.  “California’s electorate today is what most of America will look like in a generation.” A frightening prediction indeed.  To read the entire Reuters’ report, go here.