Third-Trimester Abortionist Kills Two More Victims

February 18, 2013

Third-Trimester Abortionist Kills Two More Victims    

GravesAmerica’s most infamous late-term abortionist, Dr. LeRoy Carhart, has murdered yet another expectant mother, Jennifer Morbelli of New Rochelle, NY on Feb. 7 in Maryland (one of the few states in which this butcher legally can commit his third-trimester abortions). His latest victim bled to death after being taken to a hospital by her family. Carhart had already left the state and was unavailable to his patient as she was in excruciating pain and dying during the four-stage late-term abortion procedure which takes several days to complete. The mother was 33 weeks pregnant with a daughter she had named Madison Leigh, and who was, of course, the second victim of this horrible act of butchery. It has been reported that Morbelli had learned there was some abnormality with her unborn child and chose to have an abortion 33 weeks into her pregnancy. (With today’s medical advances and technology, a child as young as 20 weeks gestation is viable outside the womb.)

Carhart is one of only a very few abortionists in America who will commit these lateterm abortions, and, ironically had his license to kill renewed under Maryland’s very liberal law just the day before Morelli died. He also is under investigation for improper disposal of biohazard and medical waste at the abortuary. In Wichita, Kansas some eight years ago, 19-year-old Christin Gilbert, another of his patients, died from complications in a third-trimester abortion, which Carhart committed as an employee of the notorious late George Tiller. Read this report from the Maryland Coalition for Life for more details.

Killer Tiller Associates Seek to Reopen His Abortuary

documentsLeRoy Carhart is not the only former colleague of the notorious Dr. George Tiller (who was murdered by an anti-abortion extremist in 2009) to be in the news recently. Julie Burkhart was a Tiller employee who ran his PAC (political action committee) from 2002-2009 and she is now seeking to reopen his abortuary as the South Wind Women’s Center  (SWWC) within the next few months with one full-time and two part-time doctors. SWWC “will offer prenatal, obstetrical and gynecological health care services as well as abortions,” Burkhart reports. Last year, SWWC services were touted online as medical (pill) abortions, as well as fertility and transgender services.

Kansans for Life has filed a formal complaint with the city of Wichita against Burkhart and two associated business entities, presenting evidence that remodeling and other work is taking place illegally at a proposed new abortion clinic without the proper permits. An open records request made by Operation Rescue revealed that no permits have been applied for or issued for improvements on the structure which formerly housed the Tiller late-term abortion clinic. That remodeling would have to be done in order to meet legal requirements of a law signed by pro-life Gov. Sam Brownback in 2011. KFL also is circulating a petition to the City asking for rezoning to prohibit the abortuary from reopening as it would disturb what has become a quiet, residential area.

Still another Tiller associate, Ann Kristin Neuhaus, was stripped of her medical license last year after she was found to have given improper mental health exams for teenaged girls seeking late-term abortions with Dr. Tiller.

Even after his death, Tiller’s gruesome influence lives on.

Birmingham, Alabama Abortuary Finally Is Closed

Birmingham abortuary closedMeanwhile, a great victory for pro-lifers in Alabama as the long legal battle to shut New Woman All Women abortuary in Birmingham has finally come to an appropriate end. According to, the combination of shady practices, injured patients, and building code violations resulted in the culmination of a 76-page deficiency report filed by the Alabama Department of Public Health against the clinic nearly a year ago and ultimately led to the revocation of the clinic owner’s license to operate the facility. Read the entire story here.

New York Considers Most Anti-Life Law in USA      

New YorkThe state of New York, meanwhile, is considering passing the most liberal, anti-life bill in the country and its allegedly Catholic governor, Andrew Cuomo, is pushing hard for its passage. According to LifeSiteNews, this bill would remove virtually all abortion restrictions, including banning third-trimester abortions and parental notifications, and even will allow non-doctors to commit abortions. Moreover, this legislation could close faith-based hospitals and other health-related facilities, causing the New York Catholic Conference to rebrand it as an “abortion expansion bill” and publicly denouncing it. New York City is already the abortion capital of the country, but Gov. Cuomo wants even more pre-born children murdered in their mothers’ wombs. Read more details here.

Sen. Rubio Defends Life in His Response to SOTU

Sen. RubioIn his answer to President Obama’s State of the Union speech, Florida Senator Marco Rubio made a point of presenting the Republicans’ life-affirming position in stark contrast to the Democrats’ official anti-life platform plank: “We believe that every life, at every stage, is precious.”  Thank you, Sen. Rubio, for making sure that the pro-life Republican position is again put forward.


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