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April 02, 2002
Kansas Supreme Court To Decide When Life Begins 
Kansas law requires the attorney general to raise questions of constitutional law with the state Supreme Court when ordered to do so by either house of the Legislature. Because the current attorney general, Carla Stovall, is an ardent supporter of abortion on demand, legislators have been reluctant to move. Now, Stovall is planning to step down and run for Governor. On March 21, 2002, the Kansas House voted 70-50 to direct the attorney general's office to file a lawsuit asking the Kansas Supreme Court to make the declaration that life begins at conception. The lawsuit will not be filed until after February 1, 2003 when the new attorney general is in office.

Dr. Elias Zerhouni Nominated to Head NIH 
President Bush has named the executive vice-dean of the radiology department at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to head the National Institutes of Health which funds more than 43,000 biomedical projects in the United States that employ more than 10,000 people.

In announcing the nominee, President Bush said Dr. Zerhouni "shares my view that human life is precious and should not be exploited or destroyed for the benefit of others." We hope that means that Dr. Zerhouni, whose nomination must be confirmed by the Senate, will assist the President in leading the way for a total ban on human cloning and on embryonic stem cell research.

President Bush also nominated Dr. Richard Carmona of Tucson, AZ to fill the position of U.S. Surgeon General. When asked if both nominees share Bush's ethical opposition to human cloning and embryonic stem cell research, White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told reporters, "Suffice it to say that these are administration appointees. They serve the president; they serve his policies and I don t think you would expect the president to appoint people who hold wildly different views than he does."

What is troubling is Bush s own morally unacceptable position. He does not support experiments on human embryos, unless they were killed prior to October 10, 2001. What's the difference when a developing baby is killed for his stem cells? He's still very dead. The line has been crossed.

Now we have learned that the NIH has invited "applications for grants to develop, conduct, evaluate, and disseminate short-term courses on laboratory research techniques for human embryonic stem cell lines. The courses should include hands-on experience to improve the knowledge and skills of biomedical researchers to maintain, characterize, and utilize human embryonic stem cells in basic research studies and be made available to investigators in research areas of interest to all of the institutes and centers of the NIH."

Why is the Bush administration using our tax dollars to build a cadre of researchers who will become experts at human embryonic stem cell research and share their knowledge with their colleagues? This doesn't look like a project that has an end in sight. This looks just like what we said it was when the President announced his support of "limited" research on stem cell lines taken from tiny humans who had already been killed — a beginning — an opening of the door to a world we hoped we would never see.

We invite you to take a look at the grant proposal yourself and see how the federal government is becoming complicit in developing "better methods" of dissecting these tiny humans.

Read it at: http://grants1.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-02-054.html

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