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Aug. 16, 2002
Couple Plans to Engender a Clone: If Defective, They Will Abort and Use Stem Cells 
(This report by Ken Connor, president of Family Research Council, appeared in the Tuesday, August 13 issue of Washington Update www.frc.org)

"On Monday night, Connie Chung hosted two would-be parents of the first human clone. Their story was tragically familiar. Unable to have children naturally, the couple turned to fertility treatments and in-vitro fertilization. After dozens of failed injections, they contacted Dr. Panos Zavos, the controversial doctor who announced that he and his secret medical team will produce a cloned baby by next year. Despite the mounting evidence that cloned animals develop defects, Dr. Zavos says the mistakes made with animals may not apply to cloned human beings. Even so, the mad scientist has a contingency plan. The following is an excerpt from last night's show.

BILL (husband): We're not going to give birth to a monster or an abnormal child. If there is a serious abnormality, absolutely we will--and Dr. Zavos concurs--that we will abort.

GUILLEN (host): And when you said the word "abort," lots of people are going to think ... you're piling one abomination on top of another.

KATHY (wife): Well, at least they'll have stem cells to possibly help improve someone's life who is having a problem.

GUILLEN: You would harvest stem cells from the aborted fetus for ... research?

KATHY: Well, I'm a controversial person.

"Abortion, destruction of the human embryo--you name it. They are all part of the outrageous process scientists call "reproductive cloning." Meanwhile, the Democrat-controlled Senate still refuses to ban the procedure. As of today there is no federal law against cloning. Members of the House did their job; they passed a ban. President Bush and 85 percent of the general public vocally oppose the practice, but because of the Senate stalemate, it's still legal. Research has created a legal and ethical vacuum that we could have stopped long ago. Join us in urging the Senate to do the right thing. Tell your senators to vote "yes" on the Brownback/Landrieu bill to ban all forms of human cloning."

[While it is true that the Democrats currently control the U.S. Senate, the blame for failure to pass the Brownback/Landrieu bill rests also with Republicans like Senator Arlen Specter (PA), Strom Thurmond (SC), and Orrin Hatch (UT). Other Republicans have not said where they stand on the human cloning ban. They are, Ben Campbell (CO), Richard Lugar (IN), Pat Roberts (KS), Olympia Snowe (ME), Susan Collins (ME), Thad Cochran (MS), Pete Domenici (NM), and Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX).]

Idaho Legislature's De-Funding of Planned Parenthood Upheld 
The Idaho Legislature decided last year that the state would no longer pay for abortions determined necessary for a woman's "health." Planned Parenthood filed suit to overturn the provision, claiming that, under the law, women had a "right" under the Idaho Constitution to tax-funding of their abortions. Judge Michael McLaughlin found that the Legislature's policy did not violate the Idaho Constitution. Idaho Chooses Life director David Ripley called it a victory, saying, "We believe this is the first time a state has reversed itself on tax-funding of health abortions."

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