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Aug. 23, 2002
Georgia Right to Life Changes Policy on Candidate Endorsements 
Political candidates who justify abortion for babies conceived through acts of rape or incest no longer qualify for endorsement by Georgia Right to Life. This news bodes well for the pro-life movement. It displays a consistent respect for innocent life in the womb and it lets politicians know that pro-life leaders in Georgia are serious about electing people who intend to move the pro-life ball down the legislative court.

Already, Georgia candidates have moved toward a consistent ethic of life position. In the hotly contested race between two congressmen who, because of redistricting, had to run against each other in the same district, Rep. Bob Barr has maintained a solid pro-life position while Rep. John Linder held exceptions for rape and incest. Mr. Linder recently changed his view and now conforms with the policy of Georgia Right to Life. Linder spokesman Bo Harmon explained that, “After many years, Mr. Linder has just come to this position and believes that all life is worthy of protection.” As a result, both men received Georgia Right to Life PAC’s endorsement, ensuring that a solid pro-lifer will serve the people of the 7th District in Congress.

John Linder won the Republican primary on Tuesday, August 20th with 67% of the vote to Bob Barr’s 33%. We are delighted that he will join the number of solid pro-life Members who can be counted on to stand up for the inherent right to life of every innocent baby from conception!

While Georgia Right to Life is taking some heat from some politicians and party officials for their decision, others are embracing the truly pro-life position. Over time, we are convinced that the pro-life legislative agenda in Georgia and in the U.S. Congress will be better served because of the renewed commitment of pro-life leaders to the principle that each and every human life is sacred and worthy of legal protection and politicians who think otherwise will not receive their support.

We urge pro-life groups in every state to adopt the same policy and support only those candidates who do not justify abortion for any precious little one who is waiting to be born.

Life Decisions International Scores Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation – In a statement released on July 22, Douglas R. Scott, president of Life Decisions International (LDI) issued the following statement:

“Planned Parenthood is the world’s leading pro-abortion empire.” “Giving money to Planned Parenthood legitimizes the abortion-committing group. It is impossible to separate Planned Parenthood’s less controversial practices from its killing business.”

“In its 2000-2002 STEP Reports of Grants (released in November 2001), it is noted that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation supported several Planned Parenthood affiliates located in Glenwood Springs, CO; Washington, IA; Boise, ID; Waco, TX; New Haven, CT; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Grand Rapids, MI; El Paso, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Bellingham, WA; Salt Lake City, UT; West Palm Beach, FL; and Casper, WY.”

Mr. Scott urged the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to give funds for research, education, treatment and screening to groups that do not have “deadly baggage.”

The Komen Foundation claims as its reason for existence a desire to find a cure for breast cancer. Thus, the name they have chosen for their annual fundraising events held in cities and towns across America each year -- “The Race for the Cure.” With a cure as their goal, it should follow that the Susan G. Komen Foundation would make every effort to try to inform women of the risk factors believed to cause breast cancer in the first place so they can avoid those risks. Yet, despite overwhelming evidence that abortion is a risk factor for breast cancer, they contribute tens of thousands of dollars in grants to Planned Parenthood affiliates where breast cancer screenings are offered, along with other breast cancer-related services. The money from the Komen Foundation frees up other monies raised by Planned Parenthood, so that they can be used for programs that promote sexual promiscuity and abortion.

In addition to the “Race for the Cure,” certain cosmetic, lingerie, and jewelry manufacturers participate with the Susan G. Komen Foundation in fundraising efforts by agreeing to donate a certain sum to the Foundation when the consumer purchases a particular item. As long as the Susan G. Komen Foundation is contributing to Planned Parenthood, we hope that pro-lifers will find other venues for their generosity. Organizations that educate girls and women about the abortion/breast cancer link would be a good start.

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