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Dec. 20, 2002
We wish you and your family a blessed and peaceful Christmas. FaxNotes will resume after January 1. In the meantime, we will plan for the coming year as we continue to hope and pray for the day when every innocent human life, from conception until natural death, is respected and protected under the law in America.

Senate Leadership Up For Grabs? 
Senator Trent Lott is taking his lumps hour-by-hour in the media. The White House appears to be working in a fairly transparent effort at damage control to unseat Lott as Senate Majority Leader. If Trent Lott, who supports the pro-life cause, does step down (although he says he will not), what does that mean to the pro-life cause in the 108th Congress? Right now, it’s anyone’s guess. The media are speculating on four Senators as possible replacements for Lott: Senator Don Nickles of Oklahoma, a pro-life social conservative who has held a leadership position for some years; Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, former head of the Republican National Senatorial Committee who has a pro-life voting record; Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania who works hard to court the Republican establishment while retaining pro-life credentials; and Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, a Bush favorite who, although he claims to be "pro-life,” clearly supports using embryonic babies in stem cell experiments. Others may emerge. Trent Lott may weather the storm. Stay tuned.

Priests For Life Offers Tools for Observance of Roe v Wade Anniversary 
To assist Churches to observe the 30th memorial of Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton, Priests for Life provides materials for pastors: "How to Preach about Abortion,” bulletin inserts, prayers based on the readings of the day, and brochures for the parish literature rack. A special offer is available through December 20th. Contact Priests for Life at 888-PFL-3448, ext. 239; Fax - 718-980-3900; or email - [email protected].

If You Live In Texas, Let Us Know! 
Please let us know if you would like to be kept informed of pro-life legislative action in the Texas Legislature. We will need your name, mailing address, phone and fax numbers and e-mail address. Please send the information to us with the word "TEXAS" in the subject line and we will develop a special list just for Texans.

The Texas Legislature will convene in January. Pro-life legislation is already being introduced. For the first time ever, we have an opportunity to pass some bills that will restrict or regulate the practice of abortion. While we can't at this time protect all the little ones who are at risk for abortion because of various Supreme Court decisions, laws can be written that will help protect some of them. Since 1973, most pro-life legislation in Texas has languished in hostile committees controlled by pro-abortion legislators. Republicans now have majorities in both houses of the Legislature. Most of them ran as "pro-life" candidates -- some are solid and some justify abortion for some babies some of the time. Most of them however, are expected to at least support legislation restricting abortion.

David Dewhurst, the new Lt. Governor, campaigned as a pro-life candidate with only a life of the mother exception. He is expected to assign pro-life bills to committees that will be fair. Governor Rick Perry campaigned as a pro-life candidate and although he justifies abortion for babies conceived through rape or incest, he is expected to sign legislation that will restrict or regulate the practice of abortion in Texas.

Please let us hear from you. It will take all of us, pulling together, to make this a successful Legislative session for the pro-life cause in Texas.

Editor’s Note — In the December 13, 2002 edition of FaxNotes, we quoted from an article in the September/October issue of Celebrate Life magazine, "Medical decision-making in accord with the divine plan; Part II: Advance directives.” However, we failed to note the name of the author, Julie Grimstad. We apologize for the oversight.

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