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Pro-Abortion Fundraiser Rubber-Stamped by RNC 
In spite of all the messages of protest they received from pro-life Republicans, members of the Republican National Committee, voted to approve the appointment of Lew Eisenberg as finance chairman of the RNC. Ralph Hallow, reporting on the event in the Washington Times (1/18/02), said that, Ralph Reed (after initially agreeing to do so) decided not to nominate Eisenberg, who has raised huge amounts of money to undermine the pro-life plank in the Republican National Platform and to defeat pro-life candidates in Republican primaries. "Mr. Reed decided not to make the nomination after obtaining advice from RNC members and conservative leaders," according to Mr. Hallowís account. Instead, Michael L. Retzer, national committeeman for Mississippi, made the nomination. Eisenberg was elected on a voice vote with reportedly very few NOs to be heard. A long-time member of the RNC told us that, if President Bush had wanted James Carville for finance chairman, the RNC would have voted for him.

For pro-life conservative Republicans, this appointment is an insult, delivered on the very weekend we commemorated the 40 million babies who have been killed since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973. This isnít the way to win back the 4,000,000 pro-life Christians who stayed home on Election Day in 2000.

Cardinal Bevilaqua Speaks Out at Vigil Mass 
The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia, Cardinal Anthony Bevilaqua, spoke the following words of inspiration at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception where he officiated at a vigil mass the night before the January 22 anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

"My sisters and brothers, I am asking you to cry out. I am asking you to take up the pro-life banner by living pro-life lives every day and doing everything in your power to promote a pro-life lifestyle. Do not be afraid to speak up for life. Do not be afraid to speak up against whatever threatens life. If the weak and marginalized continue to be exploited, by our silence we betray not only our Christianity, but our humanity."

"The assault on human life in our age has become a crisis of culture, even more, a crisis of civilization. True Christianity may not, must not remain silent. In this crisis in the defense of human life, neutrality is not an option; silence is not a choice. In this crisis, let there be no doubt in the minds of anyone where we stand."

Let your entire life be a burning desire to promote the sanctity of life. And do not become discouraged. A candle is not diminished by the dark."

Crisis of Culture Ignored in State of the Union Address 
Those of us who watched or read the Presidentís State of the Union Address are profoundly disappointed that he totally ignored the crisis of life and culture that threatens the very foundation of our country. Not a word was said about the scientific and technological efforts that are underway, including the cloning of human beings, which may have the power to fundamentally affect the fate of humanity in ways no war or economic disaster possibly could. We pray that the President and his advisers will come to understand that.

Anticipation Grows Over Adult Stem Cell Discovery In Minnesota 
A report in the January 26 issue of New Scientist by reporter Sylvia Pagan Westphal says, "A stem cell has been found in adults that can turn into every single tissue in the body. It might turn out to be the most important cell ever discovered."

"Until now, only stem cells from early embryos were thought to have such properties. If the finding is confirmed, it will mean cells from your own body could one day be turned into all sorts of perfectly matched replacement tissues and even organs." The cells were found in the bone marrow of adults by researcher Catherine Verfaillie at the University of Minnesota.

The news, which has been called "dramatic" and "remarkable" by Irving Weissman of Stanford University, sparked a press release from Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), headlined "Since Adult Stem Cells Can Do the Same Things Embryo Stem Cells Can Do (without the cancer-like tumors), Why donít we use Ethically Obtainable Stem Cells Instead of Killing Embryos?" Indeed, why donít we?

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