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The Republican National Committee, at the urging of President Bush and his political advisers, is on the threshold of a decision that could only be interpreted by pro-life Americans as insulting and contemptuous of all that we, and our Party’s platform stand for.

A Washington Times column by Ralph Hallow on Tuesday, January 16, reported that President Bush wants the Committee, meeting this weekend in Austin, Texas, to install Lewis Eisenberg as RNC Finance Chairman.

Eisenberg is a liberal, pro-abortion activist millionaire investment banker who raised millions of dollars for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. He is a close associate of former Governor of New Jersey, Christine Todd Whitman, who is currently chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency in the Bush administration and whose pro-abortion views are well known. Eisenberg, together with Whitman, organized the Republican Leadership Council and the Committee for Responsible Government, to raise large sums of money for pro-abortion candidates in Republican primaries. They are committed to removing the pro-life plank from the Republican National Platform.

Lew Eisenberg appears to be even-handed in his support of pro-abortion politicians. While he has supported Republicans in the recent past, he has also contributed to liberal Democrats Walter Mondale, Dick Gephardt, Tim Wirth, Chris Dodd, Bruce Babbitt and Joe Biden, among others.

In the early 90's Lew Eisenberg lost his job at Goldman Sachs due to a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against him by a young woman named Kathy Abraham with whom he had a 7-year affair. Eisenberg is married with 3 children. Ms. Abraham accused Eisenberg of making sexual demands of her in order to keep her job. "Eisenberg even suggested that she have sex with other Goldman Sachs partners," according to The Times.

Now, on the eve of the 29th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, as pro-life Americans sadly commemorate the 48 million or more babies who have been killed through abortion, will the Republican Party deliver to us the incredible insult of installing this man in a high Party position?

One wonders what the Bush leadership can be thinking. After all, if they want a great fund raiser who is a pro-abortion liberal with a sleazy reputation concerning women, Bill Clinton is available! Surely there are numerous Republicans who are capable of raising money for the Party.

According to the Times story, Ralph Reed, former executive director of Christian Coalition and now a professional political consultant and chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, plans to nominate Eisenberg for for the position, "a move intended to make his election more acceptable to the right." To the contrary, a move like this will only serve to alienate more pro-life conservatives from the Party and swell the ranks of those who did not vote in the 2000 election.

We have learned that many members of the Republican National Committee were not aware that they would be asked to vote for Lew Eisenberg this weekend. Indeed, many have never heard of him and know nothing about him. Those who have learned of this scheme deeply resent the tactics being used. People are supposed to run for Party positions and be duly elected. Not anointed from above and rubber-stamped.

YOU can do something about this!

Everyone who receives this briefing is represented on the Republican National Committee by three people; your National Committeewoman, National Committeeman, and State Party Chairman.

Most of them will be in Austin, Texas at the RNC mid-winter meeting. They are staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The phone number is: 512/477-1234.

A list of RNC members is printed below. Please call the Hyatt Regency and leave the following message for your three representatives:

"Please oppose efforts to make Lew Eisenberg Finance Chairman of the RNC. Please elect someone to the position who supports the ideals and principles of the Party, whose values reflect those of Republicans in general, and whose personal reputation is not an embarrassment."

If they want more information, offer to fax them this report or refer them to the January 16th Washington Times article by Ralph Hallow.

This is a matter of extreme urgency. Please act now. Thank you!!

Republican National Committee Members
Listed in order by State: National Committeewoman; National Committeeman; State Party Chairman

AL - Bettye Collins; Edgar Weldon; Marty Connors  
AK - Debbie Joslin; Rick Halford; Randy Ruedrich  
AMERICAN SAMOA - Amata Radewagen; Te'o J. Fuavai; Tautai Faalevao  
AZ - Bernice Roberts; Mike Hellon; Paul Fannin  
AR - Peggy Jeffries; Lloyd Stone; John Paul Hammerschmidt  
CA - Barbara Alby; Tim Morgan; Shawn Steel  
CO - Lilly Nunez; Bob Martinez; Bob Beauprez  
CT - Jo McKenzie; Charlie Glazer; Chris DePino  
DE - Priscilla Rakestraw; Laird Stabler; Basil Battaglia  
FL - Carole Jordan; Tom Slade; Al Cardenas  
GA - Carolyn Meadows; Alec Pointevint; Ralph Reed 
GUAM - Mary Torres; Fred Castro; Davad Sablan 
HI - Miriam Hellreich; Travis Thompson; Linda Lingle 
ID - Cindy Moyle; Blake Hall; Trent Clark 
IL - Mary Jo Arndt; Robert Kjellander; Lee Daniels 
IN - Diane Adams; Robert Hiler; Michael McDaniel 
IA - Phyllis Kelly; Stephen Roberts; Chuck Larson 
KS - Kime Cooper; Calvin James; Mark Parkinson 
KY - Cathy Bailey; Mike Duncan; Ellen Williams  
LA - Kay Katz; John Musser; Pat Brister 
ME - Jan Staples; Kenneth Cole, Kathy Watson  
MD - Ellen Sauerbrey; Richard Taylor; Michael Steele 
MA - Jody Dow; Ron Kaufman; Kerry Healey  
MI - Sharon Wise; Chuck Yob; Rusty Hills 
MN - Evie Axdahl; Jack Meeks; Ron Eibensteiner  
MS - Cindy Phillips; Billy Van Devender; Mike Retzer 
MO - Ann Dickinsen; Lance Beshore; Ann Wagner 
MT - Ione Bronson; Tim Babcock; Ken Miller 
NE - Patricia Dowart; Duane Acklie; David Kramer 
NV - Beverly Willard; Tom Wiesner; Bob Seale 
NH - Nancy Merrill; Mike Dennehy; John Dowd 
NJ - Judy Stanley; David Norcross; Chuck Hataian 
NM - Rosalind Tripp; Mickey Barnett; John Dendahl 
NY - Georgette Mosbacher; Joseph Mondello; Sandy Treadwell 
NC - Linda Shaw; Ferrell Blount; Bill Cobey 
ND - Connie Nicholas; John Warford; Curly Haugland 
OH - Martha Moore; Michael Colley; Bob Bennett  
OK - Bunny Chambers; Lynn Windel; Steve Edwards 
OR - June Hartley; Solomon Yue; Perry Atkinson 
PA - Christine Toretti; Bob Asher; Alan Novak 
PUERTO RICO - Zorada Fonalledas; Luis Fortuno; Luis Ferre 
RI - Eilleen Slocum; Michael Traficante; Bernie Jackvony 
SC - Cindy Costa; Buddy Witherspoon; Henry McMaster 
SD - Mary Jean Jensen; Ron Schmidt; Joel Rosenthal 
TN - Stephanie Chivers; John Ryder; Beth Harwell 
TX - Denise McNamara; Tim Lambert; Susan Weddington 
UT - Arlene Ellis; Jake Garn; Joe Cannon 
VT - Sara Boyd; Skip Vallee; Pat Garahan 
VIRGIN ISLANDS - Lilliana de O’Neal; Holland Redfield; Garry Sprauve 
VA - Morton Blackwell; Gary Thompson 
WA - Diane Tebelius; Jeff Kent; Chris Vance 
WASHINGTON DC - Julie Finley; James Lowe; Betsy Werronen 
WV - Donna Boley; Bill Pauley; David Tyson 
WI - Mary Buestrin; Michael Grebe; Richard Graber 
WY - Jan Larimer; Tom Sansonetti; Becky Cosantino 

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