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Nov. 1, 2002
Human Embryos Recognized as "Human Subjects" by Federal Research Advisory Committee 
The Bush administration has revamped the charter of the federal advisory committee that addresses the safety of research volunteers, stating for the first time that embryos in experiments are "human subjects" whose welfare should be considered along with that of fetuses, children and adults. The addition of human embryos to the committee’s charge . . . marks the latest effort by the administration to bring the unborn under the umbrella of federal health protections. In September the administration enacted a new policy that extends certain health benefits to fetuses. [See RNC/Life FaxNotes - 10/04/02, "S-CHIP to Cover Unborn Children"]

The new move does not mandate that embryos used in research be given the same protections as fetuses, children or adults. The committee can only offer recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services, which would then have to initiate rulemaking or encourage legislation if it wanted to put new protections in place. (The Washington Post, 10/30/02; "New Status for Embryos in Research" by Rick Weiss)

The Bush administration is to be commended for this action. The White House should be encouraged to move quickly to establish research guidelines that will protect human embryos from experiments that would in any way harm or kill them. The administration should also be encouraged to appoint members of the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections who have a deep commitment to the sanctity of human life.

The abortion lobby will fight this tooth and nail. We must do everything possible to support the administration’s efforts in this regard. The future of humanity rests on the fate of the human embryo.

Both North Carolina Right to Life Committee PAC and The WISH List Endorse Carolyn Grant 
In the race for Congress in North Carolina’s House District 13, Republican Carolyn Grant has received the endorsement of The WISH List, a political committee comprised of pro-abortion Republicans who support female pro-abortion congressional candidates. Grant stated on The WISH List candidate questionnaire that she considers herself to be "pro-choice," and that she supports the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade.

North Carolina Right to Life PAC, an affiliate of National Right to Life Committee, also endorsed Grant who, on their questionnaire, said she opposed partial-birth abortion and the use of public funds for abortion services. Grant’s opponent, Democrat State Senator Brad Miller, is an abortion proponent. David O’Steen, executive director of the National Right to Life Committee, said that the national group has not formally endorsed Grant but is supporting her as the "preferred" or "recommended" candidate . . . "because she agrees with the group on related issues likely to come up for votes in Congress." (kaisernetwork.org Daily Report, 10/30/02)

It appears to be a growing trend in abortion politics that pro-life organizations throw their support to candidates who are clearly NOT pro-life. Too often, candidates are no longer held to the standard of belief in the sanctity of human life and the belief that abortion is an intrinsically evil act that can never be justified. Instead, their meager statements of opposition to abortion funding or campaign finance reform or partial-birth abortion [even pro-abortion Sen. Arlen Specter is against that] are sufficient for an endorsement by some pro-life groups. All the while, the pro-abortion lobby stands firm in its dedication to legal abortion on demand, holding candidates accountable and giving no quarter to those who would compromise in any way with their anti-life political and cultural agenda. There is something very wrong with this picture.

"Fetal Hand Grasp" Photo Causes Photographer’s Pro-Life Conversion 
Do you remember the famous picture of baby Samuel’s hand reaching out from the uterus of his mother at 21-weeks gestation during fetal surgery? The photograph by veteran photo-journalist Michael Clancy appeared in USA Today during the summer of 2000. We used the photo, for which we were required to pay a substantial fee, in the RNC/Life Report that was distributed to the Delegates attending the 2000 Republican National Convention. Now, Mr. Clancy, who has become a pro-life activist, has offered his photo free of charge to pro-life groups because little Samuel’s hand not only reached out to grasp the finger of his surgeon — it grasped Michael Clancy’s heart.

In his Mission Statement, Michael Clancy says he wants to "print the picture of Samuel on posters for donations to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and billboards are next on the agenda". "If you think you could help in putting the picture of Samuel on billboards, preferably next to high schools and abortion clinics, please e-mail me your suggestions," writes Clancy. To read about Michael Clancy and little Samuel, you may visit his web site at: http://www.michaelclancy.com.

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