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Oct. 4, 2002
California to Allow Embryonic Stem Cell Research 
The AP (9/22/02), in a story by Jennifer Coleman, reported that Governor Gray Davis, a pro-abortion liberal Democrat, has signed into law a bill that will allow the killing and donation of human embryonic babies for stem cell experiments.

The legislation, authored by state Senator Deborah Ortiz, requires in-vitro fertilization clinics to inform women they have the option to donate discarded embryos to research. It requires written consent for donating embryos for research and bans the sale of embryos.

Actor Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed in a horse riding accident seven years ago, joined Davis at the bill signing. Claiming that stem cells from embryonic babies may offer hope of a cure for his paralysis, Mr. Reeve has been a vocal activist for the experiments despite the fact that the only real medical progress has been through the use of adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells have not only yielded little progress, but have caused runaway cell growth and other problems detrimental to patients.

It is way past time for Congress to act to prevent the wanton killing of tiny human babies whose parents would abandon them to being used in scientific research. Federal legislation should be enacted that would deny federal funds to any state that allows embryonic stem cell experiments and/or allows the cloning of human beings under any circumstances for any reason.

Why Pro-Life Republicans Should NOT Contribute to Republican Party Committees 
If you have made a contribution to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) this election cycle, some of your hard-earned money has likely been disbursed to a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Louisiana by the name of Susanne Haik Terrell who served as honorary co-chairman of a Planned Parenthood event held in New Orleans in 1994. Terrell will receive up to $500,000 from the NRSC despite the fact that she is only one of three Republicans in the race. A fine candidate, state Senator Tony Perkins who is a solid pro-life conservative who has been endorsed by RNC/Life PAC is running for the seat, and so is Rep. John Cooksey. The NRSC is supposed to have a policy of not taking sides when more than one Republican is running. However, the Committee has taken sides on occasion, often lending support and giving the advantage to the more liberal and often pro-abortion candidate. Reportedly, the decision to give all that money to Ms. Terrell was made by NRSC Chairman, Senator Bill Frist (R-TN). Conservative, pro-life voters in Louisiana are furious, as they should be, and so are we!

The best way to channel our anger is to make sure that our political contributions go to candidates and committees who are pro-life – period! Money can be sent directly to pro-life candidates. And, you can donate to RNC/Life PAC by sending a check to P.O. Box 618 – Alton, IL 62002. Remember, no matter how many fund-raising appeals you receive from the NRSC, the Republican National Congressional Committee, or the Republican National Committee asking you to help them elect Republicans to office, a substantial amount of your money is going to go to candidates who will work against the pro-life agenda once they are elected!

If you would like to help offset the half-million dollars the NRSC is giving to Susanne Haik Terrell, you can mail your contribution to Tony Perkins at Perkins for Senate – P.O. Box 36 – Baker, LA 70704.

Abstinence Educator Wins “Miss America” Crown 
If you watched the Miss America pageant on Saturday night, September 21st, you saw Miss Illinois, Erika Harold, selected as “Miss America” from among the beautiful and talented representatives from all 50 states and the territories. Erika is a 22-year-old graduate of the University of Illinois, the recipient of full scholarships from five top U.S. law schools, who reportedly “wowed” the judges with her rendition of an aria from the opera Carmen. Miss Harold has worked for the past four years with Project Reality, the pioneer in educating young people on the healthy advantages of abstinence from sexual activity until marriage. During the coming year Erika will tour the country as Miss America, sharing her message of hope, safety and a happy life for youngsters who are exposed to so many of today’s cultural dangers. Upon completion of her reign, Erika will enter Harvard Law School.

S-CHIP to Cover Unborn Children 
After many months and thousands of comments from both pro-life and pro-abortion citizens, the Department of Health and Human Services has announced final approval of a rule allowing states to cover an eligible “unborn child” under the state Children’s Insurance Health Program (S-CHIP). States may now extend health insurance to unborn babies “from the moment of conception” by enrolling them in the federal/state funded program for uninsured children. “It represents a speedy new option for states that want to do more to ensure that women get critical prenatal care that will increase the chances that their children are born healthy,” said HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson in announcing the rule. He called the change a “commonsense, compassionate measure.” The final regulation was published Wednesday, October 2nd (Volume 67, Number 191, pages 61955-61974) and will take effect 30 days thereafter.

We wish to thank our readers who were among the 7,783 people who sent in their comments on this proposal.

Pro-abortion critics of the rule have called the regulation an “anti-choice proposal disguised as a health care proposal.” Others have accused the Bush administration of trying to circumvent congressional debate.

Department spokesmen point out that CHIP is voluntary and no state is required to participate. The regulation states: “This rule, rather than limiting an uninsured woman’s choices in fact expands them by offering important health care that may not otherwise be available to her.” The plan will not cover conditions specific to the mother that are unrelated to her unborn child. (AP, Laura Meckler, 9/27/02)

Congressional pro-life leader Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) issued a statement about the new rule in which he said, “Groups critical of S-CHIP coverage for women and unborn children are obsessed with abortion. They simply do not want people to think of the unborn child as a member of the human family, even in the context of health care. They oppose this rule that will help pregnant mothers and their children because they are afraid it will make people think about the humanity of unborn babies.”

Please urge your governor and state health agency to avail itself of this opportunity to provide health coverage for prenatal care and delivery to low-income mothers and their children. We applaud the Bush administration for acting to protect the well being of babies waiting to be born.

Attention All Pro-Life College Students! 
Contact Human Life Alliance – Human Life Alliance located in St. Paul, MN, publishes a marvelous pro-life supplement designed for insertion into College and University newspapers. It’s called “The Silent Epidemic.” Topics covered include The Dangerous “Choice” Virus, Reproductive Racism, “What About Rape and Incest?, and Does Abortion Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer?. To have a copy sent to you, contact:

Human Life Alliance – 3570 Lexington Avenue North, No. 205 – St. Paul, MN 55126

Phone: 651/1040 – E-Mail: [email protected]

Why not try to get it into your campus newspaper?

Life Dynamics Introduces Training Kit for Reporting Possible Child Sex Abuse 
The Texas based pro-life organization, Life Dynamics Incorporated (LDI), has released details of its investigation accusing abortion providers of violating state laws that require the reporting of child sexual abuse. After reading about LDI’s Child Predator Report, sidewalk counselors have begun calling the police when they see an underage girl enter an abortion clinic. To assist sidewalk counselors in knowing how to approach local law enforcement agencies, LDI has produced a training kit including a new video, a guide for sidewalk counselors, an officer’s guide, and incident report forms. For information or to order a kit, call 1-800-800-5433 or visit the Life Dynamics web site at: http://www.LifeDynamics.com.

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