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Sept. 19, 2002
To Senator Bob Smith — Thank you! 
Senator Bob Smith, a pro-life champion upon whom we have depended for many years, will be leaving the U.S. Senate in January. After a hard-fought primary race, Congressman John Sununu won the seat. For the pro-life cause, the loss is great. Senator Smith has worked hard, often going the extra mile, to take whatever congressional action he could to advance the pro-life cause. We will miss his steadfast dedication to truth and life. We wish him God speed as new doors open to him. Most of all, we wish to say a heartfelt "thank you" to a man of principle and compassion for all the babies, without exception.

2004 Republican National Convention 
Cities being considered for the 2004 Republican National Convention are New Orleans, LA, New York, NY, and Tampa, FL. The convention will be held August 31 " September 3, 2004 and the Republican National Committee will make its final decision at its mid-winter meeting in January, 2003.

We would like to hear from pro-lifers who live in those cities, or areas surrounding them, and who would like to help with pro-life work before and during the convention. If you are interested in volunteering, please send your full name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, and occupation to us at [email protected]. You may fax the information to: 972//387-3830.

Once the convention city is selected, we will contact you.

Watch the Miss America Pageant 
This year, the Miss America Pageant features one contestant, Britta Stream (Miss Oregon), whose platform is the abortion-breast cancer link (ABC/Link). Another contestant, Erika Harold (Miss Illinois), is an abstinence educator and spokeswoman for Project Reality, the Illinois-based pioneer in abstinence education. The Miss America Pageant will be televised on Saturday night, September 21. Check your TV guides for local time and channel.

Texas Democrat Candidates Barred from Catholic Premises in Texas Diocese 
"The Catholic diocese in which Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tony Sanchez grew up has banned him from speaking at church facilities because of his position favoring abortion rights.

"Bishop Edmond Carmody of Corpus Christi also said Democratic lieutenant governor candidate John Sharp is banned because of his abortion stance, the Austin American Statesman reported." (AP — 6/25/2002)

Sanchez presents himself as a loyal Catholic, while at the same time declaring his unequivocal support for "a woman’s right to choose." Sharp, who as a state senator carried pro-life legislation, did an about face when he decided to accept the chairmanship of Michael Dukakis’ 1988 failed presidential campaign.

The AP further reported, "Under pastoral guidelines in effect in the Corpus Christi diocese since 1999, Catholics who declare themselves in support of abortion rights cannot hold church positions or speak at any Catholic institutions in the region." The guidelines say the intent is to draw Catholics who favor abortion rights to a "reconsideration of their pro-choice positions and be brought to a real conversion of heart so that they may accept wholeheartedly the truth of Christ as taught by the church."

Republican Governor Rick Perry favors regulation and restriction of the practice of abortion, but justifies it for babies conceived through rape or incest. David Dewhurst, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, opposes abortion except when the mother’s life is in danger.

Quote of Note 
This week’s "Ignarus Perpetuus" Award: "Ants are sentient beings, like we are, and have a right to life like we do, and they shouldn’t be shown the level of disrespect the producers of ant farms show them." — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Stephanie Boyles. (The Federalist, 8/14/02)

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