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April 4, 2003
New Pro-Life Web-Site for Teens Launched - GravityTeen.com, an online destination for teenagers, unveiled its Web site dedicated to building self-esteem and offering advice to Gen Y kids facing challenging problems. GravityTeen is based on the belief that increasing self-esteem and personal power in teenagers, through positive peer advice and real life stories, will cultivate the tools and strength needed for teens to make educated and well thought-out decisions.

Teens faced with peer pressure, pregnancy issues, or major, life-altering choices have turned to GravityTeen to gain advice and an extra boost of self-esteem. The enormous amount of daily responses from Teens offering their own personal stories and advice to the teen community is a testament to the power of the GravityTeen site.

GravityTeen is the latest in an increasing number of pro-life websites geared to young people, which have been creating a big splash. Gravity Teen.com is a project of Missouri-based Vitae/Caring Foundation.

Dolly is Dead — Will Cloning Advocates Get the Message? 
Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal in history, was euthanized at age six after suffering from arthritis and progressive lung disease, a common condition in older sheep, which usually live 11 or twelve years. (International Right to Life Federation, Inc. Newsletter, January/February 2003) Dolly was cloned using the DNA from an adult sheep. Isn’t it a reasonable conclusion that as a baby lamb, Dolly’s cellular makeup was really much more mature than that of a normal lamb? Should it be surprising that Dolly’s body aged much faster than that of a normal sheep, given the fact that she started life with adult cells? What does this say about potential embryonic stem cell research?

Human cloning is not only wrong and unethical, it is dangerous and deadly, not only because hundreds of embryos die in the process, but because Dolly has shown us what happens to its victims. Progress is being made in stem cell research through the use of adult stem cells and stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood. There is no evidence to support the notion that human cloning would be beneficial in any way, but Dolly’s fate provides ample evidence that it should be banned outright.

Advice for Pastors From Ave Maria School of Law 
Is your church community active and informed on how they can participate in the political process? Or, does your pastor shy away from speaking out because he fears overstepping the so-called line separating church and state?

On June 17, 2003, Ave Maria School of Law, in collaboration with Priests for Life, will host a symposium for attorneys and clergy entitled, The Church and Politics: Are We as Restricted as We Think?

The symposium, to be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, will begin at 9:30 a.m. and will conclude at 3:30 p.m.. The papers presented there will be published in a user-friendly booklet to be made available, for educational purposes, to attorneys and churches across the nation.

Pastors can do a great deal to call their congregations to active and informed participation in the political process. In documents like Living the Gospel of Life (1998), the U.S. Catholic Bishops articulated such a call with clarity and passion. At the same time, many pastors of all denominations remain unaware of the extent to which they can speak and act in this arena, and often believe they are far more restricted than the law actually requires. The symposium is designed to give pastors a broader understanding of the law in this area, and assist them to fulfill their mission with greater confidence.

Please publicize this very important meeting through your newsletter or mailing list. For further details, contact Janet Morana at Priests for Life, P.O. Box 141172, Staten Island, NY 10314 — Phone: 718/980-4400, ext 246 or, e-mail — [email protected].

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