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Aug. 8, 2003
Texas Federal Judge Restores $13 Million to Planned Parenthood 
On Monday, August 4, 2003, federal Judge Sam Sparks of the U.S. Court for the Western District of Texas, issued a preliminary injunction in Planned Parenthood vs. Eduardo J. Sanchez, Texas Commissioner of Health. The injunction allows Planned Parenthood to receive more taxpayer funding despite the Texas Legislature cutting those funds for abortion providers. "The elected representatives of the people of Texas should decide how taxpayers’ money is spent, not the court system," said Hiram Sasser, staff attorney with the legal division of Free Market Foundation.

Six Planned Parenthood affiliates filed suit in June against the state demanding reinstatement of $13 million they were denied by the Legislature unless they stop performing elective abortions. Texas law does not permit public funding of abortion services. The legal division of Free Market Foundation filed a brief on behalf of the state, and will do so again when Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott files an appeal of the case at the U.S. Court of Appeals. "We strongly disagree with the decision made by the judge. Planned Parenthood has no right to force Texas taxpayers to support efforts to kill the unborn," said Kelly Shackelford, president of Free Market Foundation. (http://www.freemarket.org)

Woman Marine Comments on Abortions in the Military 
"I don't think we want to have military facililties used for abortions," said Elaine Donnelly, a conservative activist who served two Republican presidents on panels that examined the role of women in the military. "That is an issue of morality that is strongly held by many people in the military and I think it would be disheartening and demoralizing to see that happening."

Mrs. Donnelly's comments came in response to the annual and thus-far unsuccessful attempt by pro-abortion liberals in Congress to establish a policy allowing taxpayer funding of abortions in hospitals on U.S. military bases.

A woman Marine, responding to Mrs. Donnelly's remarks had this to say: "I am currently serving in the Marine Corps. I know women who have used an alternative to [surgical] abortion, the ‘morning after pill.' This pill is available to women in the Marines. I have not personally received it, but I know women who have."

The primary mode of action for the "morning after" pill is to prevent the implantation of the developing baby in the uterine wall so that he will die due to lack of nourishment. This is a chemical abortion. Congress should prohibit federal funding not only of surgical abortions, but also of drugs and devices that can cause abortions.

Elaine Donnelly is chairman of the Center for Military Readiness, an independent, non-partisan 501 (c)(3) educational organization promoting sound military personnel policies in the armed forces. CMR is a unique alliance of civilian, active duty and retired military people in all 50 states, and is the only organization that concentrates on military personnel issue full-time. (http://www.cmrlink.org)

Life Chain 
Sunday, October 5, 2003 will be Life Chain Sunday when thousands of pro-lifers will stand alongside roadways quietly and prayerfully witnessing to the cause of life though holding signs expressing pro-life sentiments to those passing by.

Organizers of Life Chain note that just 53 pro-life citizens, standing 100 feet apart, can form a Life Chain a mile long!

Contact 1-530/671-5500 or http://www.NationalLifeChain.org for information and materials.

Life Chain is a great opportunity for all of us to participate in a peaceful pro-life event. It just takes one person to organize a group from a church, order the signs, and go out and witness for just one hour on a Sunday afternoon. Please do what you can to spread the word!

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