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Aug. 29, 2003
State Department Defunds British Abortion Provider 
The U.S. State Department has defunded another pro-abortion group. As you know, the Bush administration defunded the UN Population Fund for supporting coerced abortions in China. Well, it was just announced that one of UNFPA's partners has been defunded also. Marie Stopes International, Great Britainís abortion industry leader and one of the world's largest and richest abortion providers, just lost US funding for supporting coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization in China. (New York Times, 8/27/03)

First Baby Born from Sperm Purchased on the Internet 
If you have been wondering "what next?" in the on-going breakdown of our culture, here it is.

The birth of the first baby in Britain conceived from sperm bought over the internet was announced on August 19, 2003 by a website set up to cater to lesbian women.

ManNotIncluded.com, the website that arranged the cyber-sperm donation, said the healthy 10 pound, 2 oz. boy had been born in the past few days. Although the website is being marketed to single and lesbian women, the baby was born to an anonymous married heterosexual couple from southeast England.

The site charges for access to a list of 5,000 anonymous sperm donors with details of their ethnicity, height, characteristics, and qualifications. Women pay £1,200 for fresh samples of selected sperm to be delivered to their home for self-insemination. The buying process can be conducted on line without even a phone call to the Internet site or the need for a doctor.

Men who donate to licensed clinics are not regarded as the legal parents of any children they father, and therefore cannot be pursued for money. But donors to unlicensed clinics may not be entitled to the same legal exemption.

This practice, which is currently allowed but unregulated by the British government, is considered by medical authorities to be dangerous because the donated material may carry diseases such as HIV. (The Independent, 8/20/03)

Please contact your Member of Congress and your U.S. Senators to demand that such practices be outlawed in the United States. Just write a brief note and attach it to this report.

MAIL TO: Senator

The Honorable (full name) — United States Senate — Washington, D.C. 20510


The Honorable (full name) — House of Representatives — Washington, D.C. 20515

Texas Governor Signs Pre-Natal Protection Act 
Texas Governor Rick Perry signed the newly-enacted Pre-Natal Protection Act . The law, SB 319 co-authored by Republican Representative Ray Allen, and Senator Ken Armbrister, a Democrat, allows the law to view an unborn baby who is harmed or killed during the commission of a violent crime as a victim separate from his or her mother. Heretofore, Texas law did not recognize the murder of an unborn baby as a crime. For example, in the case of the murders of Laci and Conner Peterson, the state of California did recognize Conner as a victim despite the fact that he was killed prior to birth.

The Pre-Natal Protection Act recognizes the unborn baby as a human being under the law, and that is a very good thing.

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