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Feb. 28, 2003
Weldon/Stupak Cloning Ban Passes House 
H.R. 534, the Human Cloning Prohibition Act passed the House yesterday by a vote of 241-155 with 38 Members not voting. Now the momentous issue moves to the Senate where Senators Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA) have introduced a similar bill, S.245. The timing for Senate consideration of S.245 is unknown but Senators should receive a steady stream of phone calls and correspondence from constituents in support of banning human cloning. They can be reached by phone by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

For background information on cloning, please visit our web site and click on "FaxNotes by Subject." Scroll down to "Human Embryo Cloning" to read past issues of FaxNotes on the subject. You can also access links to other sites containing good information.

Prior to yesterday’s vote on passage of H.R. 534 a substitute bill allowing the cloning of human embryos for use in scientific experiments was introduced by Rep. Jim Greenwood (R-PA). Fortunately, it was defeated 231-174.

23 Republican RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) voted FOR the Greenwood substitute. They are: Charles Bass (NH), Judy Biggert (IL), Sherwood Boehlert (NY), Mary Bono (CA), Jeb Bradley (NH),, Mike Castle (DE), James Gibbons (NV), Wayne Gilchrest (MD), Kay Granger (TX), Jim Greenwood (PA), Amo Houghton (NY), Nancy Johnson (CT), Sue Kelly (NY), Mark Kirk (IL), Jim Kolbe (AZ), Jim Leach (IA), Doug Ose (CA), Deborah Pryce (OH), Jim Ramstad (MN) Chris Shays (CT), Rob Simmons (CT), Bill Thomas (CA), and Heather Wilson (NM).

35 Democrats voted pro-life AGAINST the Greenwood substitute. They are: Rodney Alexander (LA), Marion Berry (AR), Sanford Bishop (GA), Brad Carson (OK), Jerry Costello (IL), Bud Cramer (AL), Lincoln Davis (TN), Mike Doyle (PA), Chet Edwards (TX), Ralph Hall (TX), Rick Hill (MT), Tim Holden (PA), William Jefferson (LA), Chris John (LA), Paul Kanjorski (PA), Marcy Kaptur (OH), Dale Kildee (MI), Dennis Kucinich (OH), Ken Lucas (KY), James Marshall (GA), Mike McIntyre (NC), Mike McNulty (NY), Mike Michaud (ME), Allan Mollohan (WV), John Murtha (PA), Jim Oberstar (MN), Earl Pomeroy (ND), Nick Rahall (WV), Tim Ryan (OH), Ike Skelton (MO), Charles Stenholm (TX), Bart Stupak (MI), Gene Taylor (MS), Jim Turner (TX), and David Wu (OR).

Three Republicans voted for the Greenwood substitute and then voted for the Weldon/Stupak bill on final passage. They are: Mary Bono (CA), Kay Granger (TX), and Heather Wilson (NM). When these Members go home to their districts and talk about how they voted for the cloning ban, those who live in their districts should remember and point out that first they voted to allow cloning to generate embryonic babies who would be killed in scientific experiments! No one who truly respects the sanctity of human life would cast such a vote, and a “yes” vote on final passage is meaningless as a result.

One of the most galling things about their votes for the Greenwood substitute is the fact that Reps. Bono and Wilson were initially elected to Congress with the support of pro-life individuals and groups that fully understood that neither woman was really pro-life.

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