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Jan. 10, 2003
The Cloning of Human Beings 
Congress must enact legislation prohibiting the cloning of human embryos/human beings and all processes used to generate cloned human embryos including, but not limited to, somatic cell nuclear transfer.

President Bush, who has said he would sign such legislation, should issue an Executive Order banning the cloning of human embryos/human beings and the processes involved in it, unless and until Congress acts to ban it.

Volumes are being written about the so-called clone, “baby Eve,” whose birth was announced right after Christmas by Brigette Boisselier of the Raelian sect and managing director of Clonaid, a company owned by the Raelians that claims they have successfully cloned a baby girl. Whether or not the child in question is truly a clone, we would do well to remind ourselves that some scientists are determined to succeed at human cloning, if not now, some day in the future. With that in mind, it is important to note that many stories we are reading in the press carry serious distortions of the truth. For instance, confusion is being planted in the minds of well-meaning citizens who oppose human cloning but are being told by the media that there are two kinds of cloning, the “good” kind they call “therapeutic” cloning which they claim would help develop treatments and cures for serious diseases and conditions, and the “bad” kind they call “reproductive” cloning, which they say would result in the birth of a child. Please do not be fooled by this semantic game!

All cloning of human beings is reproductive! Once a human embryo is in existence, whether generated through a cloning process or fertilized in a petri dish, or conceived in the natural way God intended, there is a unique individual human being who, if nurtured, protected and respected, will continue through various stages of development until birth. If that embryonic human being is used for stem cell experiments, he or she will be killed in the process.

Senators Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Arlen Specter (R-PA), and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) to name a few, are pushing a bill that would allow human beings to be cloned for use in scientific experiments in which they would die, but prohibit them from being implanted in a uterus and allowed to develop. They are advocates of cloning and killing human beings. They, among others in Congress, are champions of human embryonic stem cell research and are recipients of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from pharmaceutical and biotech companies with a vested interest in experimenting on tiny humans.

How serious is this problem of cloning humans? Whether baby "Eve" turns out to be a clone or not, the fact remains that many people in our country subscribe to views other than those emanating from Judeo-Christian traditional respect for human life. In early December, Chuck Colson reported in his Breakpoint column (12/17/02) that, “Stanford University announced the creation of a new institute to develop medical therapies based on embryonic stem cell research. But what’s even worse is where it’s going to get the embryos: human clones.” “ Stanford initially denied that any human cloning would take place at the institute. However, Stanford soon changed its tune. Nobel Laureate Paul Berg pointed to the fact that the ‘state of California has said nuclear transfer . . . is an acceptable and legal technology . . . .’ In other words, as Mr. Colson points out, Stanford is going to clone human embryos.”

In another development, on December 16, 2002, the Senate of the state of New Jersey passed a bill, S1909, that “allows the artificial manufacture of cloned human beings and the implantation of those human beings at the embryonic stage into wombs and harvested for research and killed at any time from the embryonic period through the ninth month of gestation,” according to a New Jersey Right to Life press release. The bill also allows embryonic human beings left over from in vitro fertilization procedures to be dissected and killed. Marie Tasy, Director of Public and Legislative affairs for NJRTL, pointed out that, if the bill becomes law, cloned human beings must not be allowed to be born but must be killed (aborted) at some time between implantation and the ninth month of life. “Under this bill, human lives will be treated as a commodity, creating classes of lesser humans to be sacrificed.”

What kind of people would vote for such a bill? Get ready!! Five Republicans, including Sen. Joseph Krillos who is Chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party, joined 20 Democrats in voting for it. The rest of the Republican Senators, 15 in all, abstained!

For further information, you may contact Marie Tasy at: 732/846-2000.

How serious is this? It is deadly serious and its outcome will determine the fate of humanity. Contact your Member of Congress and United States Senators immediately to demand a total ban on the cloning of human embryos.

CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD: 202/224-3121. Call the White House at: 202/456-1414 – Fax: 202/456-2461.

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