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July 9, 2003
Irish Pro-Life News, No. 119 — July 7, 2003 Reports: 
UK's Tiniest Baby Unveiled - A baby weighing just 12 ounces at birth has defied doctor's predictions to survive - and is believed to be the smallest to do so in the UK. Tiny Aaliyah Hart fitted into the palm of her mother Lorraine's hand when she was born on May 27 at Birmingham City Hospital. She was born three months early. Mrs Hart, 37, said: "I literally cried and cried. I could not believe that something that small could survive. She was so tiny but she was so active. Her hands were going, she was her own little person and I cried for a long time. She was surviving - that was my main concern." The sheer size of Aaliyah means that her survival is miraculous, says the consultant in charge of her care. Dr Jeff Bissenden said: Usually they are miscarriages, but she pushed out this little girl who wriggled around, waved her legs and said, ŒI want to live. It is amazing that this baby did not die. The smallest on record is a US baby who weighed just 11 ounces at birth. (BBC.)

Archbishop Describes Latest IVF Plan as a Nazi experiment 
Plans to use eggs from the ovaries of aborted unborn babies for IVF treatment have been greeted with horror by the public, pro-life groups and many in the scientific community. Fertility experts at a conference in Madrid where the research was announced said the development could ease a global shortage of donated eggs. However, the experiment has also created the prospect of a child whose biological mother has never been born. It also raises fears that female aborted unborn babies could become a highly marketable commodity. Nuala Scarisbrick from Life, said: This latest development is sickening. Dead babies cannot give their consent. The scientists should be ashamed of themselves. The Rt. Rev Peter Smith, Archbishop of Cardiff, who chairs the Bishops Conference Committee for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship, told ICN: During the last 18 months scientists working in this field seem to have completely lost their way. This is like going back to the Nazi experiments performed during the Second World War. (Independent Catholic News.)

Novak Predicts Gloomy Scenario 
In his June 30 column, syndicated columnist Bob Novak predicts that Chief Justice Rehnquist will announce his retirement, and that President Bush will nominate Sandra Day O’Connor to replace him as Chief Justice. Bush will then nominate his White House Counsel, the "moderate" Republican Alberto Gonzales, to her vacant seat. Novak points out, "That means the Supreme Court will not improve from the standpoint of conservative legal scholars, who view the court as dysfunctional despite a half-century of Republican appointments. They see last week’s decisions as typically based on elitist opinion. Nobody more clearly represents this deterioration of the judicial process than Sandra Day O’Connor during nearly 22 years as a justice. It is difficult to exaggerate the contempt that conservative legal scholars privately express toward O’Connor. The attitude seeped through in Justice Antonin Scalia’s thundering dissents last week, in which he abandoned fraternal amity in attacking his sister justice’s judicial reasoning."

If Mr. Novak’s prediction is accurate, President Bush will have broken faith with pro-life voters whose support put him in the White House by razor-thin margin. Some people are speculating that, regardless of what Bush does on the Supreme Court, pro-lifers will stick with him because the alternative (every Democrat presidential candidate is pro-abortion) is unthinkable. Some pro-life leaders will use that standard of measurement. However, it is entirely predictable that millions of sincere pro-life Americans will use a different standard, and measure the President’s actions against the pro-life principles stated in the Republican National Platform, which includes the commitment to the "appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of human life." By that standard, if Novak is right, the four million pro-life Christians conservatives who stayed home from the polls in 2000 could ncrease and cost Bush what is expected to be another very close election.

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