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July 18, 2003
What About the UNwelcome Babies? 
It's getting tiresome. Pro-life leaders, commentators, and especially Republican politicians, repeat the same convenient mantra — they're looking for the day when "every child will be welcomed in life and protected in law." What's wrong with that? It sounds so good. Isn't that the goal we are seeking?

NO. The goal we are seeking is for every nascent child (a.k.a. - unborn baby) to be protected in law regardless of whether he is welcome or wanted! The UNwelcome babies are the very ones who most need our protection! If we're going to be satisfied with politicians who recite this mantra, telling us to wait until society is ready to "welcome" every baby from the moment of conception so that laws respecting and protecting their lives can finally be enacted, we're going to have a very long wait.

Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Parental Notice Law 
Florida Supreme Court Senior Justice Leander Shaw, writing for the majority, said the court had based its decision to overturn the 1999 law requiring the notification of parents 48 hours prior to a minor's abortion on Florida's privacy guarantee, which is considered more extensive than rights provided by the U.S. Constitution. It was a 5-1 decision by the same court that favored Al Gore in the 2000 election; two new justices appointed by Governor Jeb Bush had not yet taken their seats.

Carole Griffin, president of the Capital Chapter of Florida Eagle Forum, comments in the July edition of her newsletter: "Everyone can talk about parental responsibility and yet here we have the court driving a wedge between parent and child. Other than in a life saving medical procedure emergency, there is no other medical surgical procedure that a minor can receive except an abortion without parental permission. Of course, if there is a complication to the abortion, then her privacy is no longer valid and the parents are handed the medical bill or the dead body of their daughter." [Emphasis added]

Products and Corporations That Support Planned Parenthood 
Whether we are stockholders or consumers or both, we have some clout when it comes to companies that give money to Planned Parenthood. Please make your investing/purchasing decisions accordingly.

Life Decisions International (202/347-2066) has a list of those who enable the largest promoter and provider of abortion services in the country to continue their work. Among those on the list are: Agriculture and Farming: Sara Lee, Wyeth; Apparel and Shoes: Bali, Barely There, Bobbie Brooks, Champion, DKNY, Dockers, Hanes, Justin Boot, L'eggs, Levis, Playtex, Polo Ralph Lauren; Baby Care: Johnson & Johnson; Baked Goods and Frozen Foods: Ball Park, Earth Grains, Healthy Choice, IronKids, Ortiz, Sunbeam, Universal Foods; Birth Control: Ortho Pharmaceuticals, Upjohn, Merck; Books and Magazines: Forbes; Building Products and Tools: American Tile; Coffee and Tea: Hills Bros.; Communications: Nationwide, Sony; Computers and Internet: Expedia.com, Hotmail, IBM, Microsoft; Entertainment: Columbia Pictures, Columbia Records, Columbia TriStar, Sony; Financial Services: Bank of America, Bank One, Chase, First Union Bank, First USA, J.P. Morgan Chase, Leeds & Kellogg, Nationwide, Northern Trust, Prudential, Robert Flemming Holdings, Transatlantic Trust, Volpe Brown Whelan & Co., Wells Fargo; Food: Newman's Own, Whole Foods Market, Ben & Jerry's, Häagen-Dazs; Health: CIGNA, Wyeth-Ayerst; Home: Arm & Hammer Products, Ty-D-Bol; Meats: Hillshire Farm, Imperial, Jimmy Dean; Newspapers: Houston Chronicle, Enquirer, Boston Globe, New York Times, USA Today.

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