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March 7, 2003
Bush AIDS Policy Collides with Mexico City 
President Bush has decided to spend $15 billion over 5 years for AIDS treatment and prevention in Africa and the Caribbean. The problem with that is the agencies that provide AIDS services are the same ones that promote and perform abortions. The Mexico City policy denies taxpayer funding of organizations that fund or promote abortions overseas, such as Planned Parenthood International. Ken Connor, President of Family Research Council, notes the following in a March 1, 2003 column for WorldNetDaily.com: "Unlike in America where AIDS is overwhelmingly a sexually transmitted disease, in Africa HIV is a complicated phenomenon, with inadequate health care and appallingly bad medical systems contributing significantly to the disease's deadly toll. Family-planning issues are but one facet of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

"Such facts notwithstanding, the Bush Administration . . . is willing to make hundreds of millions of dollars available in Africa to Planned Parenthood and other groups that provide and promote abortion – under the fig-leaf proviso that such groups set up separate AIDS programs and do not use the money for 'family planning' services. "There are many established, reputable health-care providers, hospitals, clinics and charitable organizations fighting AIDS that are worthy of American taxpayer funding – organizations untainted by connections to abortion."

Above all, as Mr. Connor points out, Planned Parenthood promotes the use of condoms, which fail to prevent pregnancy, fail to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, and fail to prevent the spread of AIDS, which is now a pandemic in Africa.

Will the Republican–controlled Congress agree to the Bush proposal? If so, they will be adding insult to injury in the eyes of the pro-life voters who gave them the majorities they currently enjoy. In 2002 they gave $60 million in taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood through Title X federal family-planning grants! This, even though in 2000 Planned Parenthood's Action Fund and its related political action committee spent more than $10 million in TV and radio ads, direct mail and campaign contributions to defeat mostly Republican Pro-Life candidates, reports Mr. Connor.

Please contact your Representative in Congress. Ask that Planned Parenthood and groups like it be denied funding for AIDS treatment overseas. Ask that the money be channeled to reputable health-care providers instead. [Capitol Switchboard – 202/224-3121]

"Love Matters" 
The latest issue of the advertising supplement "Love Matters" (www. LoveMatters.com) features a cover story on Erika Harold, Miss America 2002. Stories about the pro-life views of celebrities Kathy Ireland, Kim Alexis and Celine Dion are prominent in "Love Matters," a publication designed for high school and college students about "Dating, Sex, Love and You – How to survive and find true love!" Over a million copies of the supplement have been distributed thus far. If you would like to help put copies of this life-saving supplement into the hands of young people in your community, you may phone 310/373-0743 or you may e-mail [email protected].

Excommunication in Nicaragua Due to Abortion 
"All medical staff who participated in the abortion of a pregnant nine-year-old in Nicaragua last week, as well as the girl's parents who requested the abortion, have been excommunicated from the Catholic Church. The excommunication was confirmed by the top education official of the archdiocese of Managua yesterday after Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo, archbishop of Managua and head of the Nicaraguan bishop's conference, said on Sunday that all those involved in the abortion had been excommunicated automatically under canon law. The nine-year-old herself is said to be "stable" in hospital. (LifeSite, 2/24/03)

Editor's Note: Our February 28th edition listed Rep. Rick Hill, who is no longer in Congress, among Democrats who voted pro-life against the Greenwood substitute. Instead, we should have listed Rep. Baron Hill (IN).

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