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March 21, 2003
Bush Administration/Congress Bypass Mexico City Policy 
A bi-partisan proposal to send $15 billion to organizations and agencies overseas for "prevention and treatment" of AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean is being considered in Congress. The bill, presented on March 17, 2003 by Congressman Henry Hyde, chairman of the House International Relations Committee, is called the U.S. Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria Act of 2003 (H.R. 1298). It calls for $3 billion over five years and is a response to President Bushís remarks in his State of the Union address, in which he called the AIDS crisis in Africa and the Caribbean an "emergency" and asked for $15 billion to address the problem. (OneWorldUS, Jim Lobe, 3/18/03)

Since the Reagan years, Congress has prohibited taxpayer funding of organizations and agencies operating in foreign countries if they promote or perform abortions (Mexico City Policy). In this instance, many of the agencies that engage in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment are also involved with abortion and distribution of abortion-causing contraceptives. Reportedly, the administration and Members of Congress have decided not to press for recipients of these funds to set up separate accounting systems and facilities to ensure that the money cannot be used to support abortion.

Along the same lines but on a separate track, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced plans to release $50 million in "faith-based" funds to radical groups for HIV/AIDS prevention projects, according to the March 19, 2003 Washington Update, a publication of Family Research Council. FRCís president Ken Connor reports, "Under the State Departmentís watchful eye, groups that promote needle exchanges for drug addicts, favor legalized prostitution, and advocate for abortion rights will receive those federal funds . ." The Update further says that Dr. Anne Peterson, a Bush appointee, came up with the idea of using a "faith-based" approach in order to win broader support for the grant, "knowing full well that the groups involved promote policies at variance with the Presidentís."

The same issue of Washington Update reveals plans by USAID to bring graphic sex education to the children of Iraq once the US gains control of the country. "Officials also plan to fly "gender advisors" into the country as soon as it is deemed safe. Should Iraqis refuse to comply with these population control programs, USAID threatens to deny Iraq international development funds and World Bank loans. As watchdog Steven Mosher reports, millions of dollars could flow into the coffers of abortion-promoting groups to help them overcome the "constraints" on population control programs.

"In June of 2002, for example, researchers in Afghanistan interviewed women returning home from U.N. refugee camps. A whopping twenty-five percent said they had been given abortions — and some even sterilization treatments — during their time in Pakistan."

Across the world, Muslim leaders refer to the United States as "the great Satan." U.S. promotion of population control programs that result in rampant sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted disease including HIV, and abortion can only contribute to this perception. Our country should be exporting real help and hope for HIV/AIDS prevention through programs like the "ABC" model that has been so effective in countries like Uganda where abstinence and monogamy have been taught and practiced, subsequently dramatically reducing the incidence of HIV infection as well as other diseases.

The United States, through its support of policies and practices considered sinful by people of faith — policies that are oftentimes coercive in their execution — is contributing to the feelings of hatred and mistrust that are already imbedded in the culture of the Islamic people our government proposes to liberate.

You may contact Chairman Hyde and your own Member of Congress through the Capitol Switchboard at 202/224-3121.

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