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Nov. 14, 2003
Not to Be Missed! 
In case you missed it, excerpts from an article entitled "Shut Up and Pour" written by James Taranto, (Opinion Journal.com, 11/12/03) are printed below. They reinforce the much-ignored reality that pro-life sentiment is growing steadily among Americans.

"On the left-wing site Alternet.org, one David Morris, who runs an outfit in Minneapolis called the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, warns of "how frighteningly effective and coordinated the right-wing coalition of church, state and ground-level shock troops has become." He offers three examples.

"The first two, CBS's cancellation of its slanderous miniseries about Ronald Reagan and the Florida Legislature's move to spare the life of Terri Schiavo, are familiar to readers of this column. But the third we hadn't heard about:

Exhibit C is the decision by Browning Construction Co., one of Texas' largest construction companies, to back out of a project to build a clinic for Planned Parenthood. A right-wing coalition of religious activists and Republican Party faithful stopped construction 30 days after it began. Leading the effort was a newly created group--the Austin Area Pro-Life Concrete Contractors and Suppliers Association. The Association's chairman, Chris Danze, labeled Planned Parenthood, "a social movement that promotes sexual chaos, especially of our youth."

The Association's boycott of the project achieved complete success. Every concrete supplier within 60 miles of Austin refused to supply materials. Construction stopped.

'Ah, yes, the sinister shock troops of the Austin Area Pro-Life Concrete Contractors and Suppliers Association,’ quips a commenter on the Brothers Judd blog.

"This is a fascinating story, emblematic in so many ways of the state of American liberalism today. For one thing, shouldn't liberals applaud a business that decides in the name of a higher ideal to forgo an opportunity to make a profit? But of course the pro-life cause is outside the "mainstream," as defined by our liberal elite, so this is not noble the way it would be if the enterprise having trouble finding a supplier were, say, a gun range.

"But wait. If pro-life is a fringe movement and pro-choice is mainstream, why can't Planned Parenthood find a single supplier in a 60-mile radius--that's an area bigger than Maryland--willing to do the job? It would seem that the proponents of legal abortion have done a poor job of persuading Americans of their point of view--or, at any rate, a poor job of persuading Austin-area concrete contractors and suppliers."

Catholic Bishops Finally Consider Sanctions for Pro-Abortion Catholic Lawmakers 
Roman Catholic Bishops meeting in Washington D.C. will "scour canon law to find options for sanctioning politicians" who openly defy Church teaching on abortion and other social/cultural issues according to the Boston Globe, 11/11/03.

Pro-life Catholics have for many years pleaded with the Bishops to impose the penalty of excommunication (denial of the Sacraments of the Church) to Catholic politicians and legislators who advocate and vote for policies that promote abortion in this country and overseas. "It's a constant source of scandal that the most prominent pro-abortion people (in Congress) are Catholics . . . who seem to go unreproved," said Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz of Lincoln, NE. Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago said the Bishops’ task force should address "the whole question of sanctions, which we're challenged from time to time to apply."

Sanctions could range from prohibiting pro-abortion Catholic politicians from speaking in Catholic institutions to excommunication from the Church. [This move is long overdue.]

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