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Sept. 12, 2003
New Ad Reveals California’s Unholy Trinity: Schwarzenegger, Davis and Bustamante 
On Wednesday, September 17, 2003 at a Sacramento press conference, the Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church, a project of American Life League, will unveil its newest ad: California’s Unholy Trinity. “The Catholic Church teaches unequivocally that every human being’s life is sacred and should be defended at all stages—from conception to natural death,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. “As a native Californian, I’m saddened that the top three contenders—Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cruz Bustamante and Gray Davis—are unabashedly campaigning on their “Catholic” heritage, while openly defying the Church’s teachings on abortion-on-demand.”

American Life League’s Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church—as it did this past May with the release of its California Deadly Dozen ad campaign—is once again asking California’s Catholic bishops to make clear to all in their flock that you cannot be pro-abortion and still be a Catholic in good standing. “It is time for Cardinal Roger Mahony, as a shepherd of the Church, to dispel the lie that a Catholic can be ‘personally pro-life’ while publicly being pro-abortion,” said Joseph Starrs, director of the Crusade. This makes one wonder why the cardinal appears to be doing nothing more than appeasing public figures and celebrities, when as their spiritual leader he should be challenging them.”

The ad will run September 17 in the Sacramento Bee, and it will appear in several other newspapers throughout California and the United States prior to the recall election. (Contact Eric Whittington – 540/226-9004 - [email protected].)

Shame on Them! – It’s shameful. 
Pro-life talking heads and conservative leaders have been lining up to rhapsodize over Arnold Schwarzenegger, despite the fact that he is pro-abortion and despite the fact that, if he were running for Governor of California as a Democrat instead of a Republican, holding the very same views he currently espouses, they would be calling him every liberal name in the book! Why? Why are they doing this? Why are they destroying their own credibility with pro-life Americans who, heretofore, have looked to them for leadership and support on the most important issue of our time, the right to life?

It’s all about 55 electoral votes. Yes, California is entitled to 55 electoral votes in 2004, and these people think that Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he is a celebrity, could win and if he does, they have convinced themselves that he’ll be able to deliver those votes to George W. Bush in next year’s presidential election when, even by the best estimates, the president is going to have a very tough race. Even if those 55 votes were a guaranteed outcome of a Schwarzenegger win, which it certainly isn’t (the Democrats in California are going to decide this election), is it worth dismissing or abandoning the right to life cause for political expediency? Obviously, some people think so. They should be reminded that there is life after this election and pro-life television viewers and voters will have a hard time trusting those in the public arena who talk the pro-life talk but are unwilling to walk the pro-life walk.

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