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April 2, 2004
Abortionists are challenging the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act in New York City, Lincoln, Nebraska, and San Francisco on the grounds that it is unconstitutional because it does not contain a "health" exception for the mother.

The law prevents an abortion technique that involves the delivery of a viable baby feet-first and then puncturing the back of the head so that the brain tissue can be sucked out enabling the abortionist to easily remove the child intact from his mother.

Protestations by the plaintiffs that partial-birth abortion is "medically necessary" and is "easier" than a dilation and extraction (D&E) abortion in which the baby is dismembered, decapitated and scraped piece by piece from the womb reveal an evil mindset that is difficult for most of us to comprehend. They have even said that the mothers involved find it easier to "grieve" if their dead babies are all in one piece rather than cut up in pieces.

One can hope that revelations and statements by the plaintiffs in these cases will help Americans figure out that an abortion, no matter what technique is used, is always painful to the baby, always a hideous crime against humanity, always results in a dead child and is a reflection of the great evil that is alive and operative in this world.

A medical student in his last year at the University of Manitoba Medical School will be denied his degree for his unwillingness to partake in any abortion-related activity. The Christian student received a failing grade in the Obstetrics and Gynecology portion of his program, for refusing to perform or refer for any abortive procedure. Three separate appeals to the Medical School have all failed to correct the matter.

One of the doctors supporting the student, Winnipeg physician Dr. Frederick Ross, told CJOB Radio News in Winnipeg that many doctors swore to protect human life "from the moment of conception" when they took the Hippocratic Oath. Dr. Ross called on the University of Manitoba to give room to people of conscience. (LifeSite Daily News, 3/18/04)

The magazine National Journal released its rankings of U.S. Senators on February 27, calculated by rating all 100 Senators' votes on 32 economic issues, 15 social issues, and 15 foreign policy issues. It named Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry as "Number One Senate Liberal in 2003." Kerry's fellow Massachusetts Senator, Edward Kennedy, came in at 11th. His longest-lasting rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Senator John Edwards of North Carolina (who withdrew from the race on March 3) was rated the second most liberal. The magazine said Kerry had held the title three other times over his two decades in congress: 1986, 1988 and 1990. (The Washington Times, 2/28/04)

"Repent. Reform your lives." These words of Jesus Christ echo through the centuries. Would that those engaged in the practice and promotion of abortion hear them. Let that be our prayer as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday.

Thank you all for your steadfast devotion to the cause of life. We wish you a beautiful Easter holiday with your families.

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