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April 19, 2004
The process of electing Delegates and Alternates to the Republican National Convention is underway in all the states.

In some states, Delegates and Alternates run for election on the primary ballot with a certain number allocated by Congressional District. In these cases, the remainder of the Delegates, designated as "at-large" are selected either by state Party leaders or, in a few instances, by voting Delegates at the state convention. In other states, congressional district caucuses or conventions elect the majority of the Delegates who are then combined with the "at-large" Delegates and ratified at the state convention.

Still other states select national Delegates and Alternates, including those "at-large" at their state Republican convention. Most of the conventions will occur during the months of May and June of 2004.

A man and a woman from each state delegation to the Republican National Convention will serve on the Platform Committee, where challenges to the pro-life Platform plank may arise along with possible attacks on other pro-life, pro-family aspects of the Platform. Platform Committee members will construct the 2004 Platform and the Platform Committee Chairman will present the final document to the full convention.

The people you elect as Delegates from your state to represent you and your political philosophy will vote on a motion to adopt the Platform. We want them to be the kind of pro-life people who will vote AGAINST the Platform if the pro-life language is weakened or removed!

It is crucial that you do everything in your power, as an active pro-life Republican, to attend your state convention and to identify those candidates for national Delegate and Alternate who will vote FOR re-adoption of the pro-life plank and AGAINST efforts to weaken it.

To that end, we have put together a Pro-Life Pledge for Delegate and Alternate candidates to sign.

If you will make sure that copies of signed Pledges are circulated among voting members of your state convention, it will go a long way to ensure that pro-life people are sent from your state to the Republican National Convention in New York next summer.

Please go to our web site where you will find the 2004 Pro-Life Pledge. You may download it, make copies, and send them to those who are running for national Delegate/Alternate. Then, publicize the results and circulate them at your state convention.

Statewide pro-life and pro-family organizations whose members are active in the Republican Party are invited to make this their own project. As individual citizens, members of those groups are entitled to participate fully in the political process, and they should do so, in great numbers.

RNC/Life will once again be a presence at the National Convention, working to protect and defend the pro-life plank from attack by the abortion industry and its friends in the Republican Party.

We are depending on YOU to send to New York a majority of pro-life Delegates. Thank You!!

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