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Dec. 17, 2004
While just about everyone is supportive of adult stem cell research which is yielding great benefits in the form of treatments and cures, we and millions of other Americans are strongly opposed to research that involves the killing of human embryos. Although the Bush administration has stopped short of establishing the most ethical of policies, that of banning such research altogether, it has placed strict limits on embryonic stem cell research, restricting it to experimentation on cells derived from embryos who were killed prior to August, 2001.

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is not satisfied with the Bush policy, according to an AP story by writer Bobby Ross, Jr. (12/11-04) The Senator, who is rumored to be considering a run for Governor of Texas in 2006 rather than seek re-election to the Senate, speaking at a health issues retreat attended by the University of Texas Board of Regents and medical college presidents, expressed concern that Texas may be "left in the dust by California," referring to the recent passage of California's Proposition 71 which authorized a $3 billion bond measure to fund research on human beings at the earliest stage of development, human embryos.

A supporter of legal abortion until viability, Senator Hutchison comes to this debate with an already well- established lack of regard for, or interest in, the protection of innocent unborn babies—babies whose arms and legs and heads and organs are already formed and functioning. So, it isnít surprising that she would assume a position that can only be described as utilitarian, when it comes to the tiniest of humans, embryos whose parents have abandoned them to an existence in which they are indefinitely suspended in liquid nitrogen tanks housed in in-vitro fertilization clinics.

Mrs. Hutchison uses words like "ethical" and "responsible" when describing the policy she would like to see Texas adopt. She talks about having "strict regulations" "against the ability to clone a human being or create a human being. But, what about the human beings already here who are relegated to frozen life-in-suspension?

She revealed her true intentions in this statement quoted by Mr. Ross: "There are embryos in place today that are going to be thrown away — where people have frozen them and theyíre no longer going to use them. I donít want to see something in place be destroyed that could be used for useful purposes."

Senator Hutchison is an educated woman. She is a college graduate and a trained attorney. She has been elected to the Texas House of Representatives, became Treasurer of the State of Texas and is now a United States Senator. Those words did not come from an ignorant, uninformed person.

Yet, she refers to "people" instead of parents. She talks of the unfortunate, orphaned tiny humans who have already been "created," as if they are a commodity to be "used" like something you would find on a supermarket shelf.

Every human embryo in a liquid nitrogen tank is somebody's son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter. They are unique individuals who, if killed, will never exist again. While in-vitro fertilization has sadly become a given in our society, the little ones engendered through it do not deserve such callous disregard for their lives. Their parents should be required to give them a chance to survive by implanting them. Congress should impose strong regulations on IVF clinics so that they canít produce more embryos than will be implanted, eliminating the freezing of embryos altogether.

Senator Hutchison seems to forget that Texas is a "Red" State. California is a "Blue" state. Anti-life views are not popular in Texas. Her statements supporting embryonic stem cell research should serve as a red light to Texas voters if she decides to run against sitting Governor Rick Perry in the 2006 Republican Primary. Perry spokesman Robert Black told the AP that, "Unlike Senator Hutchison, who supports embryonic stem cell research, Governor Perry supports President Bushís position that we must strike a balance between science and the protection of life."

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