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Feb. 6, 2004
The following excerpts from the speech by Senator Sam Brownback to the March for Life were transcribed by Life Advocacy Alliance from the C-SPAN television broadcast of the event. We thank Life Advocacy (888/344-5433) for sharing them with us so that we can share them with you.

SEN. SAM BROWNBACK (R-KS): Your fight -- our fight -- to end abortion in America will be one of the turning points in the history of the world. Just as when Great Britain ended the slave trade was a world history turning point, this movement to end abortion in America is a world history turning point. We must establish the common thought that all human life -- at all stages -- is sacred.

Now let me ask you to raise your hands if you -- any of you in the audience -- were once a child in your mother's womb. Could I see your hands if you were once a one-cell fertilized egg? Now let me see your hands -- if any of you had been researched upon as a one-cell human fertilized egg -- if you had been researched on and destroyed, how many of you would be here today? None of you. You were sacred then; you're sacred now. You were alive then; you are alive now. You were a human then; you are a human now.

Please pray. Pray, pray, pray that abortion be ended and that every human life be treated as sacred, including the child in the womb, the mother who has had an abortion or an inmate that is in prison. That all life at all stages be treated as human. If we demean and degrade one human life, we demean and degrade all human life. All human life at all stages of life is unique. It's beautiful. It's precious. And most of all, it's sacred.

This fight is much more than about abortion, for if we can dehumanize one class of people -- and make them things and not people -- then we can and will do that to others. It's about much more than abortion. It's time to end the sin of abortion in America and embrace with love the families that have experienced this tragedy.

Please join me in a prayer for this nation. Lord, God of the universe: Heal our land. Help us move this nation to remove this blight, this sin from our land. And heal us, and heal the families that have experienced this tragedy. I pray it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

[Messages of appreciation to Senator Brownback may be sent via facsimile to 202/228-1265 or you can contact his web site at http://brownback.senate.gov.

An Associated Press story on 1/31/04 reported that “researchers at the Georgetown University Medical Center, a Catholic institution, are using cells derived from aborted fetuses in medical research.”

Catholic doctrine opposes abortion, but the university decided to let researchers who have been using the cells continue their work into treatments for illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and cancer.

The university’s medical center said in a statement that the researchers did not know the origins of the cell lines, which are 25 to 40 years old. Of the 18 researchers using the cell lines that were derived from aborted fetuses, 14 needed to continue using them in their research.

The Rev. Kevin T. Fitzgerald, a university bioethicist and a research associate professor in the oncology department, said that “while using such cell lines would not be our preference,” the Catholic Church’s guidelines on research and health care allowed the research to continue, according to the report.

[If anyone can enlighten us on just what those guidelines are, we would appreciate learning about them, since this sort of research appears to be contrary to the Catholic tradition of respect for all innocent, human life.]

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