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Jan. 8, 2004
We invite you to view the results of RNC/Life Candidate Questionnaires that are currently being returned to us from Republican congressional candidates in every state.

As filing deadlines occur, we gather the names and addresses of Republicans who are running for Congress. We mail an RNC/Life Candidate Questionnaire to each of them and invite them to respond within seven days.

Filing deadlines have already closed in California, Illinois, Maryland and Ohio. Mississippi, Kentucky, West Virginia and Texas deadlines occur in January. Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Indiana have their deadlines in February. March will see candidates filing in Oregon, Maine, Utah, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Missouri. Alabama, South Dakota, New Jersey, North Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia will have their deadlines in April. The rest of the states will file later—Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming in May; Alaska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Rhode Island in June; Wisconsin, Vermont, Minnesota, Hawaii, Delaware, Washington, New York, and New Mexico in July; and Louisiana and Arizona in August. At this point, we have not received information on filing deadlines in Connecticut and Colorado.

When you visit the RNC/Life web site in search of candidates from your area, and you donít see the name of a candidate in whom you are interested, please check the filing deadline in your state to see if it has closed. It usually takes two to three weeks after closing for the questionnaires to reach the candidates and be returned to us. If a candidateís name does not appear on our PAC Report it is because we had no response to our questionnaire.

RNC/Life asks the hard questions on the life issues. Our Candidate Questionnaire is designed to identify the candidates who are pro-life in principle and will work hard to promote policies and laws that recognize and affirm the sanctity of life for innocent human beings yet unborn. We are not looking for pragmatists and compromisers.

You may view the Questionnaire on our web site at http://www.rnclife.org. Please feel free to download it and submit it to candidates for local, county, and state office. It is a very useful tool for pro-life Republicans across the country. After all, it is not enough to ask a candidate if he is pro-life. What we must know is — to what extent is he pro-life? Does he justify abortion for some babies and not others? If so, the candidate is not worthy of our support. The right to life is not a single issue — it is a qualifying issue.

We will post the responses to our Questionnaire as quickly as possible after we receive them.

Please do what you can to support the solidly pro-life candidates who are running in your state. Youíll be glad you did.

You may donate any amount up to $5,000 to RNC/Life PAC to help truly pro-life candidates. Send your contribution to RNC/Life PAC - P.O. Box 618 - Alton, IL 62002. THANK YOU!!

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