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Jan. 9, 2004
New Jersey Governor Signs Clone-to-Kill Bill 
Governor James McGreevey, the pro-abortion Democrat Governor of New Jersey, who claims as his religious affiliation Roman Catholicism, on January 4, 2004 signed into law the most anti-life bill since the state of Washington legalized abortion in 1970.

The bill, passed by the narrowest of margins with 39 Democrats and 2 Republicans voting for it, allows scientists in the state to attempt to make human babies through the cloning process known as somatic cell nuclear transplantation. This is the same process used to bring Dolly the sheep into existence after hundreds of defective sheep embryos died or were killed. Dolly herself died an early death due to abnormal developmental conditions.

The New Jersey bill allows the cloning of human beings so that they can be killed for their stem cells. The legislation provides that the developing child must be killed prior to birth, so that a cloned human being will not actually be born.

The bottom line is this. In New Jersey scientists are now free to attempt to manufacture human beings to be used for the benefit, however questionable, of others.

The situation brings to mind an era in history that civilized people keep trying to forget – a time when lampshades were made from the skin of concentration camp gas chamber victims – a time when man’s basest instincts went unchecked and people were considered nothing more than commodities to be used at the whim of those in power.

Marie Tasy, Public and Legislative Affairs director for New Jersey Right to Life, said on January 4, 2004: “The bill signed by Governor McGreevey today is a sinister, unprecedented, egregious affront to humanity.” “It is extremely perverse and objectionable that his goal of making ‘New Jersey the nation’s leader for medical research’ includes the unethical practice of human cloning and the harvesting and use of body parts of cloned humans in the embryonic and fetal stages of development, which is authorized under this law.”

Mrs. Tasy went on to point out that, “The law will result in the creation of a foul climate where ghoulish human experimentation and organ harvesting will be performed and human embryo and fetal farms will flourish throughout our state. The bill will allow biotechnology companies to raise cloned babies to harvest stem cells or even body parts, and, allows ‘reasonable payment’ for embryonic or fetal tissue production, implantation, transplantation and preservations costs.’ Because the prohibited conduct of cloning a human being draws the line only at the newborn stage, abortions up to the day of delivery would be authorized under this legislation.”

The citizens of New Jersey elected the people who have enacted this legislation and signed it into law. Surely this is not what they had in mind when they went to the polls. It is now absolutely essential that the people of New Jersey act to remove every single one of them from office in the next election!

President Bush has said he opposes the cloning of human beings, but as yet he has done nothing to stop it. The time is now for him and the United States Congress to exercise leadership over this central issue of life and death. Efforts to clone human beings and the funding for those efforts must be banned in America!

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