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July 16, 2004
Fallout From Holmes Vote Continues 
Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who joined with liberal Democrats and other pro-abortion Republicans in an attempt to de-rail the nomination of Leon Holmes to a Federal bench, stirred up a hornet's nest when she not only voted against his confirmation, but also spoke against it on the Senate floor.

According to The Dallas Morning News (7/10/04), Tina Benkhiser, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, released a statement saying: "Texas Republicans appreciate Senator John Cornyn's support of Mr. Holmes, and are disappointed with those who voted against him." The immediate past chairman of the Texas GOP, Susan Weddington, called it "a huge misstep" that ignored the views of many Texans, and former Party Chairman Tom Pauken criticized Hutchison's move, calling it "appalling," pointing out that "Holmes' crime in the eyes of the pro-abortion lobby, which led the fight against his confirmation as a federal judge, is that he is a religious man who is pro-life and believes in the principles of judicial restraint."

The Morning News reports that Joe Pojman, executive director of the Austin-based Texas Alliance for Life expressed "great disappointment" over the Hutchison vote, saying it embarrassed the President. Kelly Shackelford, president of the Plano-based Free Market Foundation, accused Mrs. Hutchison of "open religious bigotry" and a misguided "feminist" inference that Mr. Holmes' religious views mean he wouldn't protect women from the bench.

Kyleen Wright, president of Texans for Life, said, "by voting against Holmes, [Senator Hutchison] thumbed her nose at the state's two largest Christian denominations: Catholics and Southern Baptists, along with a host of traditional Christians who are pro-life and agree with Leon Holmes and the apostle Paul regarding the role of men and women in marriage." [Mr. Holmes and his wife authored an article for a Catholic publication on the roles of husbands and wives, in which they cited the epistles of St. Paul, whose admonitions have always been a burr under the saddles of the feminists.]

Senator Hutchison is rumored to be considering a run for Governor of Texas in 2006. Texas voters may be surprised to learn that she supports legal abortion until the baby is viable (more than 95% of all abortions performed in the U.S.), she considers Roe v. Wade a good decision, and she champions scientific experiments that require the killing of human beings at the embryonic stage of development. Mrs. Hutchison has also expressed her support for re-writing the pro-life plank in Republican Party's National Platform in order to remove the endorsement of a human life amendment.

Platform Committee Chairman Named 
Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee will chair the Platform Committee of the Republican National Convention. Co-chairs are Colorado Governor Bill Owens and Pennsylvania Congresswoman Melissa Hart. Their job is, according to the Denver Post, (7-4-04) is to make sure the "platform writing process stays boring."

We are told that Ann Stone of Republicans for Choice is planning to surface at this year's convention along with Republican Majority for Choice (formerly the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition) and their pro-abortion Republican friends, who intend to challenge the pro-life Platform Plank.

RNC/Life will be there once again to protect and defend the pro-life language in the Platform, which states: "The unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed." The Platform further calls for a human life amendment to the U.S. Constitution, extension of Fourteenth Amendment protection to unborn children, supports the appointment of judges who respect the sanctity of human life, and opposes the use of public revenues for abortions or for organizations that advocate it. The Republican National Platform has expressed a principled pro-life position since the 1976 National Convention, the first to follow the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

The committee chairmen may want to heed the advice, paraphrased here, given by Bette Davis in the movie "All About Eve," . . . "Fasten your seatbelts — it's going to be a bumpy Platform week."

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