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June 2, 2004
The Food and Drug Administration did not approve the over-the-counter sale of the so-called "morning after" pill which is marketed as "Plan B" saying the distributor had not proved that teenage girls can safely take the drug without a doctor's guidance.

The May 7 decision was a turn-around from the recommendation of the FDA's advisory panel, which voted unanimously that the drug could be safely sold over-the-counter.

Concerned Women for America deserves a great deal of credit for this outcome. They lobbied hard against the advisory panel's recommendation, pointing out that, in addition to the "morning after" or "emergency contraceptive" pill's abortion-causing properties, it is a very powerful drug and its effects on the developing bodies of young girls is not known and could be extremely harmful. Further, CWA pointed to concerns that, "Easy access allows someone other than the consumer to buy it and then slip it to a woman without her knowledge or consent. Unlike other drugs like aspirin, there is more potential for abuse by someone who, contrary to or unaware of the woman's wishes, does not want her pregnant." For more information on CWA's analysis of this issue, visit their web site at: http://www.cwfa.org/articles/5619/media/life/index.htm

The FDA did hold out the possibility of approval if Barr Laboratories, the manufacturer of Plan B, can prove that either young girls can safely take it, or that it can be sold on a prescription-only basis to girls under 16.

Pro-abortion Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) is very unhappy about this turn of events, according to a report in Life Advocacy Briefing (5/15/04). Advocates for over-the counter sale of Plan B have charged that FDA Commissioner, Dr. Steven Galson, was politically influenced to reject Barr's application. After the FDA announced its decision, Rep. Maloney told the news media "she plans to introduce legislation requiring the FDA Commissioner to formally review the decision and affirm to Congress that it was based on sound science and FDA precedent."

It used to be hard to imagine that New Jersey voters could find someone more anti-life than former Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman to elect as her successor. But, they did it. Governor Jim McGreevey, a pro-abortion Democrat, signed into law a bill that authorizes the cloning of human beings and the harvesting of their organs and tissues for scientific experiments, provided that the cloned babies are killed before birth. It sounds like something that could never happen in America. But then, so do a lot of things these days.

McGreevey has moved to implement the law by signing an agreement to fund, with taxpayer's money, a Stem Cell Institute to be jointly run by UMDNJ (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey) and Rutgers University. He went ahead and did this although the Legislature will not vote on the state budget until June 24th. The Governor is likely safe in assuming that a legislative body that approves such a diabolical bill can be counted on to come up with a way to implement it.

Pro-lifers in New Jersey or for that matter, anywhere in the nation, who are as concerned about this matter as we can contact New Jersey Right to Life (http://www.njrtl.org/) for information on what to do to try to stop the NJ Legislature from including the funding for this project in the budget.

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